Warrigal Road Landslip

We’re repairing a landslip that happened on Warrigal Road in Surrey Hills due to heavy rainfall in December 2017.

Project Update - December 2018

Stage 1 - Sheet Piling & Environmental Works nearing completion

Works on Stage 1 to install sheet piles and pour the concrete slab to create the base of the retaining wall structure are now complete with some drainage works still to be completed. 

These drainage works will be ongoing until pavement and footpath works are completed early next year. 

Significant environmental works have also taken place to remove debris, remove vegetation in poor health that posed a risk to the community and rock beaching to protect the creek running through the reserve. 

Stage 2 - Construction of new gabion wall structure underway

Crews have commenced building the gabion wall rock baskets that will form the retaining wall structure. Each rock basket is hand made with 1 metre x 1 metre dimensions. 

The gabion retaining wall is expected to be completed by mid-February.

Stage 3 - Footpath, fencing and asphalt works to start in the new year

Final works to reinstate Warrigal Road to full capacity will start early in the new year with pavement and asphalt works expected to be complete by April.  

About the project

In December 2017, heavy rainfall resulted in the collapse of an existing retaining wall, concrete footpath and landslip along Warrigal Road between Canterbury Road and Riversdale Road in Surrey Hills.

We responded by implementing controls and measures to ensure safe continued traffic flows, at reduced capacity, along Warrigal Road and clearing debris from the site.

The contract for the delivery of the works was awarded to Fulton Hogan Australia with preliminary works commencing on site late July with construction to begin in August. 

The work will be completed in three notable stages;

  1. Sheet Piling & Environmental Works
  2. Construction of the new gabion wall structure
  3. Footpath, fencing & asphalt works

Works are expected to be completed before the end of the Summer period. 

Artist impression of the Gabion wall 

Artist's impression of gabion retaining wall  

We’re working with the local authorities, specialist consultants and the community to restore the site. 

To gain a better understanding of the environmental and heritage value of the landslip site, we have carried out geotechnical, environmental, heritage and arboriculture assessments with independent consultants. 

The information gathered from those assessments will inform decisions moving forward.

The priority is to restore Warrigal Road to full operation in an effective and efficient manner. 


Building a new retaining wall, fence and footpath will result in Warrigal Road, between Canterbury Road and Riversdale Road returning to full capacity, including full access for pedestrians.

Contact us 

If you would like to know more about the project, please get in touch. 

Email: Shreyas Pathare at [email protected]

For further information the traffic impacts/landslip can be found on the VicTraffic website.

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