Whitehall Street and Somerville Road bike rider safety improvements

The Victorian Government is improving pedestrian and bike rider safety at the Whitehall Street and Somerville Road intersection.

As part of the works, we’ll be installing 28 metres of flexible kerb separation and ‘watch for truck trailers’ signs on Whitehall Street to enhance bike rider protection. 

At the crossing we’re installing a pedestal with push button and bike handrail to assist bike riders crossing Somerville Road. We will also paint the pedestrian crosswalk on Somerville Road yellow to create a safer and more visible crossing for road users and install tactile ground surface indicators to assist people with low vision to use the crossing.

About the project

We’ll be working at the intersection of Whitehall Street and Somerville Road in June 2021.

The kerbing, pedestrian upgrades, line marking and signs will be installed over two weeks. 


During these upgrades, there will be: 

  • short delays for motorists driving through the area when road painting is taking place 
  • on-site traffic management 
  • low level noise
  • restricted footpath access in the work area. On-site pedestrian management will be in place to assist the public 
  • some night works, which will include alternating lane closures with traffic management.

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