Whitehorse Road and Balwyn Road intersection upgrade

We’re easing congestion and improving safety at the intersection of Whitehorse Road and Balwyn Road in Balwyn.

Project Update - February 2021

We’ll be starting works to upgrade this busy intersection early March with works to be completed by end of March. 

There will be minimal impacts to road users and we’ll notify the community if there are any changes to the work dates. 

Project background

We’re making it safer and easing congestion at this busy intersection, by adding a right turning arrow that will provide drivers a safe way to turn without having to find a gap in busy traffic. 

We’re also upgrading the traffic signal hardware and installing a CCTV camera to monitor traffic to improve traffic flow through the intersection. 

About the project

The intersection of Whitehorse Road and Balwyn Road is currently experiencing significant levels of congestion during peak periods due to vehicles queuing to complete a right turn from both approaches.

These queues impact the flow of traffic through the intersection.

To help alleviate this congestion and improve safety, we’ll be:

  • Upgrading the existing traffic signal controller
  • Reprogramming traffic signals to improve traffic flow
  • Upgrading the traffic signals and adding a right turn arrow 
  • Installing a CCTV camera to monitor traffic flow

Contact us

To ask a question about the project or find out further information, send us an email. 

Email: [email protected] 

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