Whittlesea Plenty Road intersection upgrade

We’ve upgraded the Plenty Road intersection in Whittlesea, to improve safety for the community.

Project update – January 2019

Project background

Plenty Road acts as a north to south link, connecting Greensborough to the south and Whittlesea to the north.

The major intersection between Plenty Road and Wallan Road, Macmeikan Street and Laurel Street is home to Whittlesea Primary School, residents and other local amenities, and currently operates with give way signs instead of traffic signals. 

About the project

We've improved safety for pedestrians and motorists travelling through the intersection, turning onto Plenty Road, so we've invested more than $2.9 million into upgrading the intersection from all four directions.

The safety improvements we’ve made include:

  • new traffic signals to control the intersection and pedestrian crossings from all four directions
  • raising the intersection to help vehicles travel safely through the area
  • better street lighting across the intersection
  • new dedicated bike lane from Plenty Road to Macmeikan Street
  • re-aligned pedestrian path on the eastern side of the road
  • relocate and upgrade traffic and roadside signage.

Project benefits

Raising the intersection helps vehicles to travel at safer speeds up to 50km through the area, improving overall safety through the intersection.

Artist impressions 

To see how the completed improvement works look, select either of the links below.

Ground view showing Plenty Road Whittlesea

Whittlesea Intersection ground view (External link)

Aerial view 1 showing Plenty Road Whittlesea

Whittlesea Intersection aerial view 1 (External link)

Aerial view  2 showing Plenty Road Whittlesea

Whittlesea Intersection aerial view 2  (External link)

To learn more about the intersection improvements, visit the interactive project portal

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Email: [email protected]

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