Williamsons Road & Porter Street, Templestowe

Porter Street, Williamsons Road and Fitzsimons Lane are designated as priority roads for buses, with SmartBus 901, 902 and 905 operating through the area every five minutes in peak periods.

The Williamsons Road/Fitzsimons Lane bus priority project was completed in March 2014 and included new dedicated bus lanes, upgraded bus stops, improved pedestrian and cyclist access and traffic signal works.

Providing improved access for buses and priority routes

The upgrades improve bus access through the roundabout at Williamsons Road/Fitzsimons Lane so buses can bypass queued traffic for more reliable service times, especially in the morning and afternoon peaks.

Together with the metered signals, buses can use the bus only lanes to access the roundabout now without being caught in the traffic queues.

Metered signals 

One key element of the project was the installation of metered signals at the Porter Street, Williamsons Road and Fitzsimons Lane roundabout.

The metered signals are designed to regulate the traffic on all legs of the roundabout thereby providing greater opportunities for routes that carry higher volumes of traffic, such as the north-south route.

The signal software is programmed to detect the length of traffic queues on all approaches of the intersection. The approach with the greatest level of traffic is given priority over the other approaches. 

When approaching the roundabout drivers should treat the signals as they would any other traffic signal – slow down for the amber light and stop for the red light. When no signal is showing, normal road rules for using a roundabout apply – give way to the right and to vehicles already in the roundabout.

Victorian road rules

For more information about Victorian road rules and the Acts VicRoads administers,  visit the following pages.

View a map of the changes to the Williamsons Road and Porter Street intersection [PDF 190 Kb]


Benefits to drivers, buses and pedestrians by:
  • Providing safer passage through the roundabout for all road users
  • Providing all approaches with the opportunity to enter the roundabout during busy times
  • Improving bus travel times for passengers
  • Improving pedestrian connectivity around the intersection and to and from bus stops

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