Woodland Street, Essendon

The Victorian Government is investing $3.5 million to improve the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and road users of all abilities on Woodland Street, Essendon, through the Walking and Cycling Upgrade 2 Program.

This is part of a $15.3 million program to better connect our suburbs with accessible paths, better crossings and safer streets.

About the project

We are planning to upgrade the bicycle path and improve access for pedestrians with new safety treatments on Woodland Street between Napier Street and Pascoe Avenue.

This upgrade will:

  • improve safety and access for people bike riding through Woodland Street
  • provide new zebra crossings, making it safer for people walking, especially school children, to access schools, homes, shops and public transport
  • encourage safer speeds for vehicles travelling through Woodland Street.

What are we doing?

Woodland Street Essendon from Napier St to Pascoe Vale Road Map 

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The proposed works include:

  • extension of the existing bicycle lane from the Napier Street/Woodland Street intersection through to the entry/exit ramp at Strathmore Station
  • installation of bicycle priority boxes at the Woodland St/Napier St intersection to support the strategic cycling corridor routes
  • green bicycle pavement marking at locations where vehicles interact with cyclists at the angled reverse car parks and at the side streets along Woodland Street
  • line-marked bicycle separation of 0.6m between the bicycle lane and car parking
  • concrete centre medians with tree plantings and landscaping to narrow the road and encourage safer speeds
  • kerb outstands, pram ramps, zebra crossings, and specific safety and accessibility improvements for pedestrians of varied abilities
  • implementing a consistent speed limit of 40km/h on the section between The Crossway and Woodvale Grove.

Before and After 3D sliders

  1. East Before/ After: Woodland Street facing Napier Street intersection (east)
  2. Facing Napier Before/ After: Woodland Street facing Napier Street intersection (west)
  3. 2nd Direction Before/ After: Woodland Street outside St Vincent De Paul Primary School (east)
  4. Close Up Before/ After: Woodland Street outside St Vincent De Paul Primary School (close up)
  5. Pascoe Before/ After: Looking towards Woodland St and Amelia Ave
  6. Amelia Before/ After: Looking towards Amelia Ave and Pascoe Ave
Contact us

If you would like to know more about this project, contact our Project Engineer at [email protected].

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