Yan Yean Road - Plenty

We’re upgrading Yan Yean Road, on behalf of the Victorian Government, to improve traffic flow and make it safer for all road users.

Project update - October 2017

We’re excited to announce a major milestone for the project with the award of the contract to build the Yan Yean Road Upgrade. 

BMD Constructions will start work to design and build the 3.9km stretch of Yan Yean Road and new intersections with work onsite expected to begin later this year.

Project background

The Victorian Government is investing $131.2 million to upgrade Yan Yean Road between Diamond Creek and Kurrak roads in Plenty.

This section of Yan Yean Road currently carries more cars (over 23,000 a day) than it was designed to. The road has had 45 serious crashes between the years 2010 and 2015. This is largely caused by the road being undivided and the current alignment causing poor driver visibility.

About the project

Image of the map of Yan Yean Road proposed alignment  

View a larger version of the proposed alignment map 

We’re currently refining our design plans to duplicate Yan Yean Road to four lanes, two lanes in each direction, between Diamond Creek and Kurrak roads in Plenty. 

The proposed plans include: 
  • upgraded intersections along River Avenue, Diamond Creek and Kurrak Roads 
  • a 2.2 metre median strip along the length of the road 
  • safety barriers to reduce the risk and impact of run-off-road crashes
  • a wider and safer shared user path on the western side of the road
  • a dedicated bus lane at the Yan Yean and Diamond Creek Road intersection
  • replacing the existing roundabout with new trafficlights at the Yan Yean and Kurrak Road intersection
  • new refuge islands to connect pedestrians with bus stops
  • straightening the road for better driver visibility.

Construction is expected to begin in 2017 and be completed by mid 2019. 


  • less traffic congestion
  • reduced risk of head-on collisions and off-road crashes
  • improved pedestrian and cyclist safety with additional crossings and a shared user path

Final tree assessment report

We engaged a consultant to undertake a tree assessment of all trees within the Yan Yean Road Upgrade Project area to determine the total number, location, type and size of each tree that is proposed to be impacted by the project.

View the Yan Yean Road - Plenty final tree assessment report [PDF 10Mb]

Final arborist report

We commissioned a tree assessment to understand the exact number of trees in the area, their species, size, origin, significance and habitat characteristics.

View the Yan Yean Road - Plenty final arborist report [PDF 175 Mb] 

Draft Biodiversity Assessment report

This report provides updated information including the ecological values, a habitat hectare assessment and the offset requirements within the proposed construction footprint.

View the Yan Yean Road draft Biodiversity Assessment report [PDF 10 Mb]

Access management study summary

This report is a summary of the Access Management Study we undertook, and highlights the key existing access issues as well as a description of the solution that is proposed.

View the Assess Management Study summary report [PDF 1.7Mb]

Information updates

View the Traffic Flow update [PDF 448 Kb]

View the Environmental update [PDF 256 Kb] 

View the Project update fact sheet March 2017 [PDF 322 Kb]

View the Environment fact sheet update March 2017 [PDF 126 Kb] 

Project Update July 2017 [PDF 1.95 Mb]

Community involvement

Read more about our previous community engagement at engageVicRoads

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