Yarra Boulevard Safety Improvements

We’re making some improvements along Yarra Boulevard in Kew to create a safer road environment for everyone to enjoy.

Project update – January 2023

Works have been completed at the Walmer Street intersection.

Works are recommencing at the Yarra Boulevard and Yarra Street intersection from 30 January 2023. 

Crews will be onsite Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm. During works, you can expect temporary lane closures and safer speeds in place.

To get in touch with us about the works, please email [email protected] 

About the project

We’ll be starting works on this important upgrade mid-July with works expected to be complete in early 2023.

The safety improvements we’ll be delivering at the key intersections along the Boulevard include:

  • new raised safety platforms at Wiltshire Drive, Molesworth Street, Yarravale Road, Boathouse Road and Walmer Street
  • a new raised intersection at Yarra Street
  • reconfiguring the Studley Park off-ramp intersection (top)
  • reconfiguring the Studley Park off-ramp intersection (bottom)

We’ll also be improving street lighting, line marking and signage at each of the key intersections as well as providing a physical median at some intersections to compliment the raised safety platforms.

To make it safer and easier to access local streets and walking trails along Yarra Boulevard, we’ll be improving pedestrian facilities at several strategic locations identified by the community and key stakeholders. 

In addition to the CCTV camera overlooking the Eastern Freeway Bridge, we’re also installing a second CCTV camera near the Studley Park off-ramp to assist Victoria Police in monitoring road safety and compliance with road rules. 

Yarra Boulevard safety improvements 

View a larger version of the Yarra Boulevard map showing intersection improvements 


The Australian Government has committed $7 million to improve safety and security along Yarra Boulevard in Kew.

The Boulevard is a 6.2km stretch of road known for its unique road layout running alongside the Yarra River between Kew and Richmond.

Yarra Boulevard is also a popular cycling and tourist route, providing access to Studley Park Boathouse and a number of trails in the area.

Speeding and antisocial behaviour along The Boulevard has been identified as a major concern by the local community. 

Despite less than 3,000 vehicles travelling along the road each day, there have been a number of crashes along Yarra Boulevard where speeding has been a factor, including 3 fatalities in the last ten years.

That’s why we’re upgrading key intersections along the route to slow vehicles down and create a safer Yarra Boulevard for all to enjoy.

The benefits include: 

  • a safer road environment with safety treatments installed to slow vehicles down
  • upgraded street lighting
  • improved signage and line marking along the route
  • improved pedestrian facilities making it safer and easier to cross the road
  • greater security along the road with a new CCTV camera

Since 2017, we’ve been meeting with key stakeholders and the local community and heard their concerns about vehicles speeding along Yarra Boulevard. 

To address this issue, we presented various possible safety treatment options to the community that could be delivered at key intersections along Yarra Boulevard including raised safety platforms, roundabouts or raised intersections in March 2018 

The treatment options being delivered at each of the key intersections along Yarra Boulevard have been chosen based on technical feedback from our road safety teams as well as through community feedback across a number of years. 

We’ll continue to work with the community and key stakeholders in delivering this important road safety upgrade. 

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