Melbourne road projects

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Location Name Type Status
Diamond Creek Chute Street Diamond Creek Road Complete
Dingley Village Westall Road Extension Road Planned
Dingley Village Dingley Bypass - Warrigal Road to Westall Road Road Complete
Doncaster DART Route 906 Road Underway
Eltham Bolton Street upgrade, Eltham Road Complete
Eltham North east truck curfew trial Road Complete
Elwood Beach Road & Beaconsfield Parade corridor extended truck curfews Road Underway
Epping Raised intersections Thomastown and Epping Road Planned
Fitzroy Smith Street part-time tram lane improvements trial Road, Planning Study Underway
Fitzroy Preston to CBD Cycling Corridor Bike path Planned
Fitzroy North Route 96 Upgrade Project – Nicholson Street Road Planned
Fitzroy North Preston to CBD Cycling Corridor Bike path Planned
Flemington Racecourse Road, Flemington Safety Improvements Planning Study Underway
Footscray Napier Street Bridge safety improvements Road, Bridge Underway
Frankston Young Street improvements project, Frankston Road Underway
Frankston Nepean corridor improvements Planning Study Underway
Glen Waverley Cycling Corridors in Melbourne's East & South East Bike path, Road Underway
Glen Waverley Westall Road Extension Road Planned
Glenroy Gowanbrae and Glenroy noise walls Road Planned
Greensborough Rosanna Road Safety Improvement Project Road Complete