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Melbourne road projects

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Location Name Type Status
Rosanna Lower Plenty Road electronic speed limits Road Complete
Rosebud New signalised pedestrian crossing at the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and Jetty Road roundabout Road Planned
Rowville Stud Road, between Dunbarton Drive and Heatherton Road Road Planned
Rowville Henderson Road and Kelletts Road intersection upgrade Pedestrian, Road Underway
Rowville Wellington Road, Eastlink to Summit Road Road Underway
Sassafras Mount Dandenong Tourist Road safety improvements project Road Underway
Scoresby Stud Road, between Dunbarton Drive and Heatherton Road Road Planned
Seaford Aspendale to Mornington Peninsula safety improvements Highway Planned
Seddon Buckley Street and Victoria Street, Seddon Road Planned
South Melbourne Park Street and Wells Street / Palmerston Crescent intersection upgrade Pedestrian, Road Planned
Southbank City Road and Power Street intersection safety improvements Road, Pedestrian Underway
Springvale Princes Highway-Dandenong Road (Wellington Road to James Street) Highway Planned
Springvale Springvale Road safety improvements Road Planned
Springvale स्प्रिंगवेल रोड पर सुरक्षा में सुधार Road Planned
Springvale Springvale Road 安全升级 Road Planned
Springvale Springvale Road道路安全改良工程 Road Planned
Springvale Cải thiện tình trạng an toàn trên đường Springvale Road Road Planned
St Albans Sunshine Avenue Safety Improvements, Sage Avenue to Old Calder Highway Road Underway
St Kilda Beach Road truck restrictions Road Underway
St Kilda Queens Way retaining wall repairs Road Underway