Beechworth – Wodonga Road, Beechworth to Yackandandah Road

In response to a high number of casualty crashes, we’re delivering significant infrastructure solutions to reduce collisions and road trauma along Beechworth-Wodonga Road.

Beechworth-Wodonga Road has been identified under the Towards Zero 2016/2020 Road Safety and Action Plan  (External link)and Action Plan as one of Victoria's highest risk road segements.

To save lives and reduce serious injuries and road trauma, VicRoads is improving road safety on Beechworth-Wodonga Road between Beechworth and the Yackandandah Road intersection.

Towards Zero is the Victorian Government’s vision for a future free of deaths and serious injuries on our roads. It acknowledges that as humans, we make mistakes. That’s why we need to ensure we have a safe road system in place that protects us from our own mistakes and those of others.

Project update - August 2017

Members of the community have  reached out to the project team regarding their concerns around safely entering and exiting properties as well as other potential safety risks, on the section of Beechworth-Wodonga Road  between the Beechworth-Chiltern Road intersection and Magpie Lane.

VicRoads is inviting the community to provide their thoughts and ideas on how road safety can be further improved on this section of Beechworth-Wodonga Road. We’d like to encourage anyone who hasn’t yet shared their views to get in touch with the project team so you too can play an important role in shaping the future of road safety on this section of road. To have your say, please contact VicRoads by email [email protected] or by phone call to: 0459 855 080. Feedback will be accepted to Friday 29 September, 2017.

VicRoads will share any plans to further improve road user safety with the community once all feedback has been received and considered.

Project background

The Beechworth Wodonga Road has been identified under the Towards Zero 2016/2020 Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan (External link) as one of Victoria’s highest risk road segments.

Between June 2010 and August 2016 there were 13 crashes sadly resulting in five road deaths, 14 people seriously injured and seven other injuries. This includes the 2016 double fatality.

The community has been vocal in its advocacy for safety upgrades to the roads.

About the project

TWorks commenced on Tuesday 14 February 2017. As part of these works, you will notice that there is a section near Star Lane that has been resealed and linemarked with an innovative  Wide Centreline Treatment. This one metre wide painted centreline provides additional separation to traffic travelling in the opposing direction and has proven benefits in reducing cross centreline (head-on) crashes.

Works have temporarily ceased for the winter months and will recommence in October 2017.

Intersection improvements

We’ll construct a new roundabout at the intersection of Beechworth-Yackandandah Road to make the area much safer and easier to navigate. It will eliminate the unusual layout and reduce driver confusion and uncertainty about which vehicles have right of way, reducing the likelihood of crashes.

The roundabout will also promote slower movement of vehicles approaching the intersection and encourage drivers to take time to give way to oncoming traffic, creating a more controlled and safe environment.

Additional overtaking lane

We’ll construct a new overtaking lane for Wodonga bound traffic between Edmondson and Star Lanes, near Wooragee, which will provide safer overtaking opportunities. 
Shoulder sealing and Wide Centreline.

We will seal the shoulders on the side of the road to increase the width of the road, which will allow us to install a painted wide centreline treatment and left hand side flexible safety barriers. 

Safety barriers

The use of flexible safety barriers has been identified as an effective safety measure to prevent vehicles crossing the centreline and running off the road.

We’ll be installing left-hand side flexible safety barriers along this road.

Audio tactile line marking

We’ll apply tactile lines in the centre and edge of the road which will alert drivers when they start to drift to the right or toward the centre of the road. These tactile surfaces, also known as rumble strips, refocuses drivers by producing a rumbling sound and causing a vibration which is transmitted through the wheels into the vehicle interior. 

Speed Limits

A safer speed of 80 km/h will be introduced through the township of Wooragee.

An extension of the  80 km/h speed limit  from Beechworth is also under consideration.

Environmental and Cultural Heritage 

Environmental assessments have been undertaken in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), to ensure the project is designed around minimising  environmental impacts and avoiding culturally sensitive sites. 


The installation of this road safety infrastructure will: 
  • reduce the risk and severity of intersection crashes
  • prevent head-on and crossi-centreline crashes
  • reduce road trauma
  • improve safer traffic flow
  • improve access through an upgraded intersection

This project aligns with the focus of Towards Zero - aspiring to reduce deaths to 200 or below by 2020 and serious injuries by 15 per cent.

Community involvement

In July 2016 and October 2016, we asked the community to provide their thoughts and suggestions on what could be implemented to address the serious crash history and improve safety on the Beechworth Wodonga Road.

Common suggestions included shoulder sealing, overtaking lanes, reducing speed in various locations and improvements to intersections.

All community feedback is considered by the project team and used to inform design development.

Residents adjacent to  Beechworth-Wodonga Road who access their property directly from the roadway, have been engaged by door-knock to enhance the project team’s understanding of; how they use and experience the road, their road safety concerns and the issues they would like taken into consideration during design development. These targeted discussions have provided the project team with an opportunity to explain the ‘why,’ ‘what’ and ‘how’ behind the proposed road safety improvements.

In conjunction with door-knock activities and to reach the wider community, VicRoads hosted a pop-up community information stand in Beechworth on Saturday 24 June.

Community members were invited to drop-by, meet the project team, obtain information and share their thoughts, concerns and ideas about the proposed road safety improvements to Beechworth-Wodonga Road.  

We'd like to thank the community for their ongoing and valuable input which continues to be used to inform design development.

What happens next?

Throughout project planning and delivery, every effort will be made to avoid or minimise impacts to local residents, motorists and the environment. 

We will continue to engage with the community to keep you updated about the progress of our designs. Regular construction updates will be provided throughout delivery. 
During delivery, there may be a slight increase in travel times associated with traffic management including the implementation of work zone speed limits.

We'll also work closely with local media outlets to help spread information to the community about changes to road arrangements and conditions, and other important details.

Contact us

Phone: 0459 855 080
Email:  [email protected] 

If you need an interpreter please call 131 450

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