Drysdale Bypass

The Drysdale Bypass will reduce the amount of traffic on High Street by providing trucks and heavy vehicles with an alternative and more efficient route.

Project update – April 2017

We’re finalising the design for the Drysdale Bypass which will be put on public exhibition in April this year.

This will mark the beginning of the formal Planning Scheme Amendment process. We encourage the community to participate in this process by providing feedback on all parts of the Drysdale Bypass project.

More information explaining the Planning Scheme Amendment process and how you can make a submission can be found here

Project details

The Victorian Government has committed $109 million to construct the Drysdale Bypass, including $3 million to improve safety and traffic flow on High Street.

The Drysdale Bypass will be approximately 6 kilometres long, from Jetty Road to north of Whitcombes Road, and will include a shared pedestrians and cycle path.

High Street in Drysdale

Minor works have already started in High Street late last year, with the installation of yellow and black curve alignment signs between Drakes and Whitcombes roads as well as some tweaking of the pedestrian traffic signals in the centre of town and on the corner of Hancock Street and Clifton Springs Road.

Further improvements will include:
  • installation of flashing 40km school zone signs
  • a three metre sealed shoulder incorporating a new bicycle lane
  • road reconstruction at several locations
  • improvements to pedestrian crossings  and new pedestrian refuge islands
  • upgrades to street lighting, kerbs, signs, barriers and line marking
  • upgrades to traffic lights  with the addition of a red turning arrow and a flashing Give Way To Pedestrians sign
  • parking upgrades   

The upgrades will benefit drivers, cyclists and pedestrians by improving accessibility for people with disabilities, a safer school speed zone, designated lanes for cyclists and parking upgrades.

All works along High Street are due to be completed by mid 2017.

You can view images of how some of these upgrades will look here.

Drysdale Bypass

Jetty / Grubb / Portarlington Road intersection

An important feature of the Drysdale Bypass project is the intersection at Jetty Road, Grubb Road and Portarlington Road.

We’ve investigated three types of intersections; traffic lights, an overpass and roundabouts. We'd like to thank the community for helping shape the proposed intersection being taking into the planning phase

Alongside community input, we engaged an independent consultant to review how effective each of the intersection options would be at this location for the next 30 years. They used data to predict the number and types of vehicles, and where they would be travelling now and in the future, based on predicted population growth.

The preferred option is traffic lights. This option also includes a realignment of Jetty Road to High Street and a realignment of Peninsula Drive to Grubb Road.

The following 3D animation demonstrates how the traffic light intersection option would work, with projected 2046 traffic volumes.

Video animations comparing 2016 and 2046

We have created the following two animated videos to simulate the expected growth in traffic volumes over the next 30 years. 

Existing Roundabout – actual morning peak traffic 2016. This video shows the operation of the existing roundabout at the intersection of Jetty, Grubb and Portarlington Roads.

Proposed Drysdale Bypass with traffic lights – predicted morning peak 2046. This simulation demonstrates the operation of the proposed new intersection, taking into account future land use and traffic counts.

Project background

The alignment for the Drysdale Bypass has been included on the City of Greater Geelong Planning Scheme since the 1980s. 

We carried out a Drysdale Road Network study in 2014 to determine the preferred network upgrades. Feedback from the community was used in the planning for the Drysdale Bypass.

In 2015, $2 million was fast-tracked to commence the planning works for the Drysdale Bypass and improvements to High Street, which are currently underway.

Have your say

We acknowledge that major projects impact on the community and we'll continue to work closely with you to ensure the Drysdale Bypass project is a positive experience with long term benefits for everyone. 

We encourage all community members to be involved and provide feedback on the proposed designs during the Planning Scheme Amendment process, which is expected to begin in April this year. This process, including how you can have your say, is explained in detail here.

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