Fyans Street upgrade

We’re upgrading Fyans Street between Swanston Street and the railway crossing at Wood Street in South Geelong. 

Image of Fyans Street road surface with vehicles parked along the roadside.  

Fyans Street new surface

Project update - June 2018

Earlier this year, we took out the ‘lumps and bumps’ and laid a new surface along Fyans Street between Swanston Street and the railway crossing at Wood Street.

After a period of settling, a short section of Fyans Street has now been asphalted near the intersection of Swanston Street.

We will be back next summer to put the final surface on the remainder of Fyans Street to Wood Street near the railway line.

Project background

Fyans Street was originally built over an old tip and we need to smooth it out every 20 years or so.

About the project

The Victorian Government and City of Greater Geelong have invested $800,000 to upgrade and smooth out Fyans Street, between Swanston Street and the railway crossing at Wood Street. 

We’ve fixed about 700 metres of damaged road, improved the service road and installed better drainage.

Works included:

  • Replacing the existing road with recycled foam bitumen and cement stabiliser
  • Re-laying a new surface
  • Raising the road slightly to allow run off and prevent water pooling
  • Replacing asphalt on the intersection at Crown Street
  • Improving drainage, line-marking, bicycles lanes, kerb and channel


A diverse range of businesses operate in South Geelong including car sales, major transport, and sporting facilities.

These major improvements will make access to the industrial area safer and smoother for everyone.

Community involvement

Feedback from local business owners has been supportive as they all see the need to improve access and safety for the 17,000 cars, trucks and bicycles that use it every day. 

Contact us

Call:  Rob Thompson on 0409 760 436
Visit: VicRoads Regional Office, 180 Fyans Street, South Geelong


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