Geelong Ring Road Extension Bellarine Link Planning Study

We’re planning for the extension of the Geelong Ring Road to the Bellarine Peninsula to reduce congestion and traffic delays and improve efficiency for freight.

Project background

The Geelong Ring Road Extension - Bellarine Link is a proposed road which will provide a connection between the Geelong Ring Road / Baanip Boulevard, and the Bellarine Peninsula. 

Victoria continues to have the fastest population growth in the country, and the Armstrong Creek precinct is the largest growth area outside of metropolitan Melbourne.

This growth has resulted in increased congestion on the road network and the Geelong central business area. Key arterial routes are already experiencing congestion, resulting in traffic delays and poor efficiency for freight.

Project details

The Victorian Government has committed $4million for planning an extension of the Geelong Ring Road to the Bellarine Peninsula. 

We’re is working hard to develop an alignment that suits the future needs of residents and businesses, as well as tourists and the freight industry. Community consultation is an essential part of this process.  

As part of the planning study, we'll engage consultants to investigate environmental impacts, traffic management, cultural heritage, social and land use. 

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*Dates below are indicative only and subject to change

Dates Stage Description
Late 2016 Corridor review An investigation looking at the overall land and road use in the area
Mid 2017 Specialist studies and development of alignment options
Completing detailed designs and consulting with stakeholders to minimise impacts on the surrounding areas.
Late 2017 Confirmation of planning process
Confirming what planning studies need to be undertaken

Early 2018 Exhibition of Planning Scheme Amendment
The formal process as set out by the government
 Mid 2018  Adoption of Planning Scheme Amendment  This applies a Public Acquisition Overlay over the identified land, allowing VicRoads to designate areas required for new roads and protect them from other development

Have your say

We acknowledge that major projects impact on the community. We will continue to work closely with the community to minimise these impacts as much as possible. 

We care about what’s important to you, so we're inviting our community and stakeholders to provide feedback throughout the planning process. 

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