Goulburn Valley Highway - Yea to Cathkin Road Safety Improvements

We’re improving safety along the Goulburn Valley Highway as part of Towards Zero. The Victorian Government is investing $1.4 billion to implement Towards Zero, a plan to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria's roads.

Update - July 2018

We’ve finished making improvements between Yea and Molesworth. The safety improvements we’ve made include:

  • installing ‘High Crash Zone’ warning signs and rumble strips along the road
  • installing centreline flexible safety barriers between the church entrance at Molesworth and Limestone Road, to reduce the risk of head-on crashes
  • installing flexible safety barriers on the left-hand side of the road at high-risk locations, to reduce the risk of run-off-road crashes
  • adding two additional overtaking lanes, creating a total of four overtaking opportunities between Molesworth and Yea
  • adding two permanent electronic message signs at Yea and Yarck to provide real time information about planned events, emergency management and general road safety
  • resurfacing sections of the road and applying rumble strips to line markings from Yea to Molesworth.

What happens next?

We’re planning for the remaining road safety treatments between Molesworth and Cathkin to start in mid-2019, and anticipate completion by the end of 2019.  



The Goulburn Valley Highway between Yea to Cathkin has been identified as one of the state’s highest-risk rural roads. 

Between 2010 and 2015, 11 crashes occurred along this stretch of road, leaving 13 people with serious injuries and eight people losing their lives. Nine of the 11 crashes involved a vehicle crossing over the centre of the road and into oncoming traffic.


After completing safety improvements on the Goulburn Valley Highway from Yea to Molesworth the project was extended to Cathkin. 

The safety improvements we’re making between Molesworth to Cathkin include:

  • road widening to allow space for the installation of safety barriers 
  • sealing road shoulders
  • installing roadside and centreline flexible safety barriers between Molesworth and Cathkin, to reduce the risk of run-off road and head-on crashes
  • improving access to Pig N Whistle Lane, Ridds Road and Baynes Road from the Goulburn Valley Highway by constructing a protected right-hand turning lane at these intersections
  • adding a new overtaking lane for Molesworth bound traffic near the Cathkin intersection, to provide safer overtaking opportunities on this section of road. 

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