Great Ocean Road traffic conditions

We’re working hard to maintain safety and traffic flow along the Great Ocean Road for locals, business owners and visitors.

Road update March 2017

The Great Ocean Road is OPEN to all traffic

Two lanes of traffic are open the length of the Great Ocean Road, except on a short section at Wye River which is reduced to one lane. Electronic signals will regulate traffic flow however motorists may experience minor delays. 

Both lanes are scheduled to reopen for Easter.

We encourage drivers to stay informed by visiting VicTraffic or calling 13 11 70.

Latest News

Geotechnical works continue in three stages on the Great Ocean Road at Wye River to stabilise the landslide zone at Paddy’s Path.

We’re currently building the upper retaining wall above Paddy’s Path, which is the pedestrian link between Separation Creek and Wye River.

The concrete retaining wall along the Great Ocean Road is being extended 25m north and will be dressed in baskets of light basalt rock.

Both of these works are due to be completed mid April.

In April, we’ll begin to drill approximately 300 soil nails in the area to lock down the hillside. A steel grid mesh system will also be laid.

We’ll also further stabilise the broader landslide zone and protect the Great Ocean Road by installing erosion control matting in areas that currently have no vegetation.

During this time every effort will be made to minimise the impact to the environment.

Funding announcement

The Victorian Government announced in December 2016, $53 million in funding for geotechnical hazard mitigation works for the Great Ocean Road.

The package will fund the installation of further roadside remediation works such as rock netting and retaining walls.

This investment is on top of the $50 million the State Government is joint funding with the Commonwealth for capital works and maintenance on the Great Ocean Road.

Read more about the announcement

Community engagement

The community has had its say on the appearance of the roadside retaining walls at Paddy’s Path by choosing a light basalt rock from Colac to be attached to concrete panels. 

The community will also be consulted on planting and other elements of the project.

What are we doing to ensure the road stays open?

Movement sensors are monitoring the embankment between Wye River and Separation Creek. Once movement is detected over a certain level we will close the road. This is why the road was closed regularly during 2016.

Our geotechnical experts are working on solutions to make the embankment safe. We’re also working closely with Emergency Management Victoria and local councils to understand the full impact.

View our video to see what we're doing to keep the road open.

Why has this occurred?

Excess rain from the Otways flows across the Great Ocean Road which increases the chance of landslides. High rainfall in the area combined with recent bushfires has made the area more vulnerable.

Landslides cannot be prevented by routine maintenance.

Report an incident

To report an incident along the Great Ocean Road, please contact our Traffic Management Centre on 13 11 70.

Drive with caution

We'd like to remind all drivers of the importance in taking extreme care in these difficult driving conditions.

Always be alert for changes to the road and its surrounding, including falling debris and landslides.

How can I get more information?

For the latest traffic and road closure updates for the Great Ocean Road, visit VicTraffic (External link) or phone 13 11 70.

To receive regular updates on the Great Ocean Road, email [email protected] 

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