Green Triangle freight routes in south-west Victoria

We’re improving key freight routes within the Green Triangle network in south-west Victoria to promote safety and productivity over the next four years.

The Australian and Victorian governments have committed $40 million to upgrade key arterial roads in the Green Triangle region of south-west Victoria.

Henty Highway, Portland-Casterton Road and Portland-Nelson Road will be upgraded to provide safer and more efficient travel for community, tourists and freight operators.

The Australian and Victorian governments have also provided $40 million to upgrade the condition of Princes Highway between Colac and the South Australian border.

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Project background

The Green Triangle spans about 6 million hectares in south-west Victoria.

There has been a significant increase in heavy vehicle traffic in this area through industries such as forestry, wind farms and mineral sands, and dairy production.

Approximately 100km of road will be improved to provide a much smoother and safer drive, as well as help preserve the roads for years to come.

Green Triangle Project and Princes Highway, Colac to South Australian Border (smaller)

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About the project

We’ve already made a start to improve roads in the following locations:

  • Portland Ring Road (Henty Highway): reconstruction of about 2km from Kalina Court to Port of Portland
  • Henty Highway/Princes Highway at Bolwarra: stabilisation and resurfacing of about 2.8km
  • Portland-Casterton Road: stabilisation and resurfacing of about 33km
  • Portland-Casterton Road to Glenelg Highway: intersection realignment and resurfacing.

We’ll continue to work on the following roads this financial year:

  • Portland Ring Road (Henty Highway)
  • Portland-Nelson Road
  • Henty Highway to Princes Highway at Heathmere
  • Portland-Casterton Road
  • Henty Highway (Heywood to Hamilton).


Rehabilitation of the road network leading to the Port of Portland will improve safety and reliability of freight routes and ensure they are strong enough to cater for future freight demands.

We’re making these roads fit for purpose, so they’ll be stronger, last longer and need less patching.

As we repair these roads, the new road surface will improve reliability and reduce wear and tear on buses, freight, and passenger vehicles.

Community involvement

We’re working closely with the community, businesses, council and stakeholders, such as the Green Triangle Region Freight Action Plan Implementation Monitoring Group, which includes representatives from councils, as well as the freight and timber industries.

Earlier this year, we visited Portland and heard from local business owners, road users and community about this project. We’re using this feedback to help prioritise our work activities.

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What happens next?

Over the coming year, we’re focusing on improving the most impacted sections of road in need of immediate attention.

We’ll be upgrading the Henty Highway to stabilise large sections of road from Heywood to north of Branxholme.

The Portland-Nelson Road, between Portland and Mount Richmond and from Nelson to the South Australian border, will be stabilised and resurfaced.

Final sealing works will take place on the recently improved sections of the Portland-Casterton Road and the Henty Highway.

Further improvements are also planned for the Portland Ring Road in the 2017/18 summer.

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To keep up to date about this project, email us at [email protected]

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