Maffra-Sale Road – Sale to Maffra

We're improving safety along Maffra-Sale Road, as part of Towards Zero. The Victorian Government in investing $1.4 billion to implement Towards Zero, a plan to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria's roads.

Update - July 2018

The installation of flexible safety barriers was completed in late 2017. We completed the final stage of the project in April 2018.


Maffra-Sale Road has been identified as one of Victoria’s highest-risk rural roads. In the past 10 years, there were 26 casualty crashes on this road involving 54 people. As a result, one person was killed and 21 people were left with permanent, life-long injuries.


We have improved safety along Maffra-Sale Road by:

  • widening the centreline to create a safe distance between traffic traveling in opposite directions
  • sealing road shoulders to allow room for the installation of flexible safety barriers
  • installing flexible safety barriers on the left-hand side of the road to reduce the risk and severity of run-off-road crashes
  • ensuring that there are enough pull-over areas and access breaks between the flexible safety barriers
  • adding rumble strips to left-hand side and centre line markings to alert drivers if they are moving out of their lane.

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