Midland Highway, Ballarat - Creswick safety improvements

We’re improving safety along the Midland Highway, between Ballarat and Creswick as part of Towards Zero.

The State Government is investing $1.3 billion into Towards Zero, a plan to reduce Victoria’s road toll to fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15%.

Project update - June 2018

The Victorian Government is investing an additional $2.5 million to provide safer access at the Western Freeway interchange on the Midland Highway, with the delivery of a new roundabout.  

Following a fatal crash in November 2017, we’ve been investigating options to improve safety at the busy intersection of the Midland Highway and Western Freeway entry and exit ramps.  

Roundabouts are one of the safest types of intersections, as they help slow down approaching vehicles  and direct traffic in the one direction -reducing the risk and severity of collisions.

The new roundabout will be constructed between September 2018 and April 2019. 

We’re also widening sections of Midland Highway's shoulders to enable the installation of flexible safety barriers. In April we completed works between Sulky Road and the railway crossing.

We are currently widening shoulders between Rose Hill Road and Pistol Club Road from 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in both directions with a temporary speed limit reduction to 40km/h during works to protect workers and roads users. If you’re travelling through the area, keep an eye out for changes to traffic conditions, plan ahead and allow more time. Traffic management will be in place to safely guide road users through the works between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. We will make every effort to avoid and minimise impacts to local residents, drivers and the environment during this important road safety project. Works are expected to be complete by mid June.

Works between the railway crossing and Jubilee Road will then commence. 

We will be widening and sealing the road shoulders and installing flexible safety barriers on the left-hand side of the road to prevent vehicles running off the road.

Project background

The Midland Highway, between Ballarat and Creswick, is one of Victoria’s highest risk rural roads.

In the five-year period from December 2010 to December 2015, there were 19 crashes on this road. Three people tragically lost their lives and 10 people were seriously injured. A crash at the Midland Highway and Western Highway interchange in November 2017 resulted in another tragic death.  

Most of these crashes occurred when a car ran off the road, while two occurred when drivers were attempting u-turns.

Road safety improvements

To make the Midland Highway safer for you and your community, we’re:

  • installing a new roundabout at the northern side of the Western Highway and Midland Highway interchange at Mount Rowan to improve the safety at this intersection
  • installing a roundabout at the intersection of Midland Highway and Kennedys Road to slow traffic and reduce the risk and severity of collisions
  • installing left-hand side flexible safety barriers at high risk locations from the Western Freeway to Jubilee Road, outside Creswick, to reduce the incidence and severity of run off road crashes
  • applying wide centreline markings from Western Freeway to Jubilee Road, to provide a safer distance between vehicles travelling in the opposite direction 
  • installing audio tactile line markings, also known as rumble strips, from Western Freeway to Jubilee Road, to alert drivers if they wander off the road
  • installing a safer ice detection system to warn drivers of black ice 
  • widening and sealing road shoulders to enable drivers leaving the road to safely stop or steer back onto the highway, from the Western Freeway to Jubilee Road
  • improving safety at the intersections of Midland Highway and Cummins Road, Olliers Road and Millers Road, Rose Hill Road, Pistol Club Road and Sulky Road. 

Plans for these improvements are still being designed and will be presented to the local community at an upcoming Community Information Session. The session details will be announced shortly.

smaller map showing Midland Highway - safety improvements between Ballarat & Creswick

View a larger version of the Midland Highway Safety Improvements  between Ballarat & Creswick map [PDF 69Kb]

Community involvement

Since October 2016, VicRoads has engaged with communities who use and live along Midland Highway from Ballarat to Creswick, encouraging them to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns.

We'd like to thank the local communities, who shared their valuable feedback on social media, and at our past information session.

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