Midland Highway Safety Improvements  - Castlemaine to Harcourt

We’re investigating ways to improve the safety and traffic movement on the Midland Highway between Castlemaine and Harcourt. To help us develop a business case, we invited the community to provide their feedback and ideas.

Project update - October 2017

In mid September we asked the community to tell us about their experiences when driving the Midland Highway between Castlemaine and Harcourt, and to share how they think the road could be made safer and more efficient. 

We held an engagement session at the Harcourt Leisure Centre, shared a feedback survey and received positive responses.

We thank those who came to the session or filled out the feedback survey. We have collated and analysed the responses, which will be included in the business case that will be presented to government later this year.

You can read the conversation summary of our community engagement here [PDF 237 Kb]

Project background

We’re looking at ways to improve journeys for this important connecting route between Castlemaine and surrounding towns for commuters, cyclists and commercial traffic. 

The Midland Highway presently carries more than 10,000 vehicles per day, which is expected to increase due to growing travel demand between Castlemaine and Bendigo, as well as additional freight movement across Victoria.

This planning study will focus on a 5.5 kilometre stretch of highway between Castlemaine and Harcourt that has a lack of designated turning lanes at intersections. This has been a key contributing factor to crashes on this route, which has seen 17 crashes in the past five years, 10 of these rear-end collisions.

About the project

We’re developing a business case to seek funding to improve safety and traffic movement on the Midland Highway between Downes Road, Castlemaine and the Calder Freeway interchange west of Harcourt. Potential solutions include:

  • Upgrades to improve turning safety and efficient vehicle movement at VicRoads 
  • Changes to commercial access
  • Improvements to visibility at intersections.

There are constraints posed by Barkers Creek and the Bendigo-Castlemaine railway line in close proximity to either side of the road and the rural nature of the highway and this will influence what treatments may be considered.

The Midland Highway (Castlemaine to Harcourt) planning study is funded through the Victorian State government $21 million Planning our Future program which aims to investigate options for improvements to road infrastructure to best support Victoria’s growing regional communities.


If funded, the project would:

  • Increase safety, improve traffic flow and reduce congestion on this section of the Midland Highway
  • Improve the operation of the Midland Highway as a whole
  • Improve efficiency for freight vehicles
  • Improve local access to the Calder Freeway.

Community involvement 

Thank you to community members who came along to our drop in session on 13 September and those who took the time to provide feedback on the improvement proposals.

What happens next?

We’ll incorporate community feedback into a business case to be presented to the Government in late 2017. 

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