Midland Highway, Geelong-Meredith

We’re improving safety with new overtaking lanes and planning for improvements that will support the growth of local communities and the economy.   

Project background

The Midland Highway is an important route for traffic and freight movements between Ballarat and Geelong, and from the northwest to the Port of Geelong and to Melbourne. It’s also a key route for agricultural industries to get their goods to market. 

Significant residential growth has also occurred in recent years in the Golden Plains Shire. The population of Bannockburn and surrounding districts increased by 39.3% between 2001 and 2006, and by 2021 it is expected to be 12,260 (Source: Bannockburn Town Centre Investment Strategy).

Project update - June 2018

Drivers will have a much more enjoyable journey between Geelong and Ballarat following the completion of four new overtaking lanes on the Midland Highway.

This $12 million investment in new overtaking lanes is part of the Victorian Government’s Better Roads package to improve the state’s regional roads.  

Located between Bannockburn and Meredith, the new lanes provide drivers with safe opportunities to overtake slow vehicles on the highway.

The overtaking lanes – two Geelong-bound and two Ballarat-bound - help improve traffic flow and ease driver frustration for the 6,500 vehicles that travel this section of the highway daily. 

As an additional safety measure, flexible safety barriers have been installed along these four 1.5 kilometre lanes to help reduce the risk of head-on and run-off crashes. 

See Midland Hwy overtaking lanes map [PDF 99Kb]

Project details

What has been built?

  • Two new overtaking lanes between Bannockburn and Lethbridge and two between Lethbridge and Meredith
  • Wire rope safety barrier up the centre of the overtaking lanes, with openings for property access

Project benefits

  • Safer overtaking opportunities for drivers
  • A smoother more reliable journey
  • Reduced transport costs for freight
  • Improved safety and reduction in risk of crashes

Environmental impacts

Throughout the planning and construction of the new overtaking lanes, VicRoads has worked closely with Landcare, the Golden Plains Shire, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and environmental experts to ensure we manage our responsibility to the environment. natural environment.

Project background

There have been a number of crashes on the Midland Highway in recent years; a large percentage of which have involved a vehicle crossing the centreline and crashing into an oncoming vehicle, or alternatively, rear ending other vehicles.

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We are preparing a business case to investigate potential upgrades along the Midland Highway between Bannockburn and Geelong.

Project details

The Australian and Victorian Governments have committed $2 million to plan for upgrades and improvements to the Midland Highway between Shelford-Bannockburn Road, Bannockburn to Geelong Ring Road (Princes Freeway), Geelong.

We are preparing a business case to assess the safety, transport, land use and economic benefits of the project, as well as any social or environmental impacts.

The study is expected to be completed in 2018.

Project update - September 2017

During early 2017, we consulted with the community to better understand the existing situation along the Midland Highway and learn from local experience of the road network.

Stakeholder and community feedback helped us to identify issues and concerns relating to traffic flow, traffic speed, pedestrian safety, property access, environmental issues and road maintenance. 

This input was then used to develop four options which were identified and assessed against the project objectives and community feedback.

The four options included:

Option 1: Full duplication (adding lanes) of the Midland Highway between Bannockburn-Shelford Road and Geelong Ring Road. 

Option 2: Northern Bypass of the Batesford township, linking with the Midland Highway.

Option 3: Southern Bypass of the Batesford township, linking the Midland Highway. 

Option 4: Southern Bypass of the Batesford township, linking the Midland Highway and Fyansford-Gheringhap Road. 

Midland Highway upgrade options - Bannockburn to Geelong 

view a larger version of Midland Hwy upgrade options - Bannockburn to Geelong map [PDF 55Kb]

Dates Stage Description
Late 2016 Issues identification An investigation looking at the overall land and road use in the area
Early 2017 Options indentification
Specialist studies and development of alignment options
Late 2017 Development and evaluation of short-listed options
Completing the functional designs and consulting with the community and stakeholders to minimise impacts on the surrounding areas. 

Undertaking additional investigations to update the impacts and benefits of the Preferred Option on utility services, transport operations, regional economy, environment - including biodiversity and the community. 
Early 2018 Final business case The business case will be submitted to Government for future funding consideration

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