Phillip Island Road infrastructure corridor planning

The Victorian Government has committed $3.2 million to plan for future infrastructure projects on Phillip Island Road to better understand future transport needs.

This is in addition to infrastructure improvements at Woolamai Beach Road, Back Beach Road and Newhaven that will improve safety and traffic flow.

Project background

Phillip Island, including San Remo, is one of Victoria's premier tourist destinations, attracting more than 1.8 million people each year which could reach up to 3.5 million people a year by 2035.

This significant number of visitors puts pressure on the island's road network and causes it to reach capacity, with tourists and residents finding it difficult to move around on the island. 

Long-term planning for improvements to the road network is crucial to the island's future and tourism.

About the project

Surf Beach and San Remo

With the help of traffic simulation we’ve designed concepts which at this stage include roundabouts, a service road at Surf Beach and traffic lights at the intersection of Back Beach Road and Phillip Island Road, San Remo. We’re currently carrying out detailed investigations of these concepts.

You can view our concept plans as well as artist impressions of how the new treatments might look at engageVicRoads.

A summary of the community consultation is also included as well as a study into the proposed concepts at engageVicRoads 

Woolamai Beach Road

A new $7 million dual lane roundabout will be constructed at the Woolamai Beach Road and Phillip Island Road intersection in Cape Woolamai.

The community’s feedback has helped shape the roundabout which will improve safety by reducing the number of crashes as well as traffic flow for vehicles turning into and out of Woolamai Beach Road.

We’ll make every consideration to carry out construction outside of the island’s peak periods to minimise disruption. Pre-construction work started in July 2018 and construction is expected to start mid 2019.

Back Beach Road

Planning is complete for a new roundabout at the Back Beach Road intersection following community consultation. The roundabout will help improve safety, traffic flow and access for vehicles turning into and out of Back Beach Road. 

We’re currently planning for the construction of the roundabout. 


Planning is now complete following community consultation at Newhaven for two proposed roundabouts at Boys Home Road and Forrest Avenue.

These areas were identified as high priorities through the Phillip Island Integrated Transport Study (PIITS) in 2014, and supported by extensive survey data including traffic volumes, travel times and queue surveys.

This work helped create traffic modelling that supports dual lane roundabouts in Newhaven and a new lane that will provide long term benefits.

Community involvement

Surf Beach and San Remo

We asked you to share your experiences on Phillip Island Road through an interactive map and discussion forum. This closed on 7 May 2017 and received more than 400 comments.

We heard that congestion and access at Surf Beach is causing safety concerns while access into and out of San Remo on days of heavy congestion can be difficult, particularly when making right hand turns onto Phillip Island Road.

Together with your feedback, we’ve gathered data on traffic volumes, travel times and queue lengths using drone footage, tube counts and video.

This information has been used in a traffic modelling program that simulated traffic congestion, road safety and accessibility which has helped us determine our next set of priorities at Surf Beach and San Remo. 

We thank everyone who provided feedback, and look forward to continuing to work closely with you as part of this important project.

What happens next?

We’ll continue to progress planning for the proposed roundabouts at Newhaven. These remain an important part of the planning for the Phillip Island Road corridor.

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