Phillip Island Road infrastructure corridor planning

The Victorian Government has committed $3.2 million for future infrastructure improvements on Phillip Island Road to better understand future transport needs.

This is in addition to infrastructure planning at three key locations on Phillip Island Road that will increase safety, access and traffic flow.

Project background

Phillip Island, including San Remo, is one of Victoria's premiere tourist destinations, attracting more than 1.8 million people each year which could reach up to 3.5 million people a year by 2035.

This significant number of visitors puts pressure on the island's road network and causes it to reach capacity, with tourists and residents often finding it difficult to access and move around on the island.

Long-term planning for improvements to the road network is crucial to the island's future and its status as a tourist destination.

Project details

The $3.2 million funding announcement will allow us to continue planning for future improvements on Phillip Island Road including San Remo and Cowes.

Planning is nearly complete for three key locations on Philip Island Road & Woolamai Beach Road, Back Beach Road and Newhaven and we will continue to work with you about these initiatives.

These areas were identified as high priorities through the Phillip Island Integrated Transport Study (PIITS) in 2014, and supported by extensive data including traffic volumes, travel times and queue surveys.

This work helped create traffic modelling that supports dual lane roundabouts at the intersections of Woolamai Beach Road, Back Beach Road, Boys Home Road and Forrest Avenue including a new service lane at Newhaven which will provide long term benefits.

Project timeframe

Since October 2015, we've been talking to the Phillip Island community about the traffic modelling outcomes and proposed options through drop in sessions and face to face meetings with affected landowners.

Based on your feedback, we adjusted the designs and presented the final concepts to the community in October 2016.

The preferred options will now be used to explore future funding opportunities. You can still have your say as we continue the finalisation of the design.

We thank everyone who provided feedback and we look forward to continuing to work closely with you as part of the $3.2 million Phillip Island Road infrastructure corridor planning.

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