Princes Highway and Bank Street Intersection Upgrade

Traralgon road users will benefit from $2.9 million worth of intersection upgrades to improve road safety and traffic flow at the Princes Highway and Bank Street intersection near the Traralgon Golf Club. 

Works will include the installation of traffic signals, lighting upgrades and other road improvements. 

These works will improve safety and traffic flow for vehicles entering and exiting the highway from Bank Street, and improve safety and access for motorists and pedestrians needing to cross the train line. 

As the residential areas near Bank Street continue to grow, there will be more cars utilising this intersection and more pedestrians wanting to cross the train line and highway. 

During peak periods there are queues for motorists wanting to turn on to the Princes Highway from Bank Street. These queues often extend over the train line. There are also lengthy queues for motorists wanting to turn right from the Princes Highway on to Bank Street. 

From 1 January 2012 until 1 June 2017, there were 10 casualty crashes at this intersection that resulted in 16 people being injured. Two people were seriously injured and 14 sustained minor injuries.

The upgrade works will include:

  • An acceleration lane for traffic turning left on to the Princes Highway from Bank Street.
  • Dedicated right-hand turning lane on Bank Street for traffic entering the Princes Highway.
  • The right-turning lane from the Princes Highway into Bank Street will be lengthened and be controlled by a green and red arrow traffic signal.
  • Gated pedestrian crossing at the railway line, pedestrian crossing at traffic signals across the highway.
  • Footpath linking Bank Street to the Traralgon Golf Course.

Construction works are scheduled to commence in mid-2018 and will be complete in mid-2019. There will be lane closures and traffic delays during this time, motorists are encouraged to take this into account when planning their journeys. Relocation of services will start in April 2018. This may result in traffic management at the intersection.

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Write: VicRoads Eastern Region, 120 Kay Street, Traralgon 3844

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