Princes Highway duplication Geelong to Colac

We’re upgrading the Princes Highway from Geelong to Colac to improve safety, reliability and access to south western Victoria.

Project status March 2018

We've completed construction for the $171 million 23km duplication from Geelong to Winchelsea. 

Construction began for the $363 million duplication of the Princes Highway between Winchelsea and Colac in 2016. 

Prior to the Princes Highway duplication, travel times were unreliable due to a mix of slower speed traffic, such as agricultural machinery, and not enough safe overtaking opportunities. 

Transport demands in south west Victoria are increasing due to growth in tourism, agriculture, production industries and population, which will place strain on the narrow two-lane, two-way stretch of the Princes Highway, resulting in worsening travel times and costs to business.

Project details

  • Two lanes in each direction 
  • New bridges over the railway line at two locations
  • New bridge over Barongarook Creek in Colac
  • New intersections

Project benefits

  • Reduction in crashes
  • More consistent travel times
  • Reduced freight and travel costs

Project sections

See the sections below to find out more about each part of the project.

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Geelong to Winchelsea (completed)

Waurn Ponds – Winchelsea

Status: Complete
Contractor: BMD Constructions
This section includes 23km of roadworks including a new bridge over the Warrnambool-Geelong railway line at Buckley. The highway is now open with two lanes in each direction between Geelong and Winchelsea. 

Lennox Street – Austin Street, Winchelsea

Status: Complete
Contractor: Winslow Constructors 
Construction of one kilometre of the highway between Lennox Street and Austin Street in Winchelsea is complete providing safer turning opportunities for drivers and crossing locations for pedestrians within the rural town.  

Austin Street - Deans Marsh Road, Winchelsea

Status: Complete 
Contractor: Cut & Fill Pty Ltd 
This section included a new bridge crossing of the Barwon River and traffic signals at both Hesse Street and Deans Marsh Road intersections. 

Winchelsea - Colac

This project will be delivered in four sections:

  • Deans Marsh Road, Winchelsea to Armytage Road.
  • Armytage Road to Warncoort.
  • Warncoort to Colac East.
  • Colac East and Colac.

Deans Marsh Road, Winchelsea to Armytage Road

Status: Construction

Estimated completion: 2018
Contractor: WBHO Infrastructure
Key features include:
  • 11.5km of highway duplication.
  • New intersections at Mousley Road, Ondit Road and McDonalds Lane, Robertson Road, and Ingleby Road and Armytage Road.
  • New left and right turn lanes into side roads.
  • Flexible safety barriers on the edge of the road and in the median.
  • Landscaping, including planting of more than 10,000 local indigenous trees.

Armytage Road to Warncoort

Status: Construction
Estimated completion: 2019
Contractor: BMD
Key features include:
  • 15km of highway duplication.
  • New bridges at two locations over the Geelong-Warrnambool railway line.
  • New intersections at Conns Lane, Prices Lane, Birregurra Road, Hallets Lane, Mooleric Road, McDonnels Lane, Aireys Reserve and Warncoort-Birregurra Road. 
  • Designated left and right turn lanes off the highway.
  • Flexible safety barriers on the edge of the road and in the median.
  • Upgraded drainage.

Warncoort - Baillie Street, Colac East

Status: Construction
Estimated completion: 2019
Contractor: Decmil
Key features include:
  • 8.5km of highway duplication.
  • Improvements to six intersections at Bourkes/Trasks Road, Pyles Road, Warrowie/Collins Road, Colac-Ballarat/Drapers Road, Flaxmill Road and Gallop/Baillie Street.
  • Designated left and right turn lanes off the highway.
  • Flexible safety barriers on the edge of the road and in the median.
  • Upgraded drainage

Princes Highway, Colac

The Colac works are comprised of three main projects:

  • Princes Highway (Murray Street) road improvements at intersections, pedestrian crossings, a new road surface and linking the traffic lights to allow remote access to fix faults – complete. 
  • Upgrade to the bridge over the Geelong-Warrnambool railway line in East Colac – complete.
  • Replacement of the bridge over Barrongarook Creek - pre-construction..

Barrongarook Creek bridge replacement

Status: Pre-construction
Estimated completion: 2019
Contractor: To be awarded
Key features include:

  • Replacement of the bridge over Barrongarook Creek so it can cater for High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs).
  • Improvements to pedestrian and cyclist access.
  • Improving the entrance to Colac.
  • Landscaping and revegetation.  

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