Princes Highway East duplication - Traralgon to Sale

Road works are progressing well on the Princes Highway East between Traralgon and Sale. The duplication and upgrades will improve safety and journey times on this route of national significance. 

The Federal and State Governments have invested $260 million to build nine sections of highway upgrade, resulting  in  more than 30km of highway duplication between Traralgon and Sale. 

Four sections of new road have been completed, construction is currently underway on two sections, and of the three additional sections one contract has been awarded and the other two are in the pre-construction stage. These three additional sections are being delivered following the commitment of an extra $85 million by the Federal and State Governments. This is in addition to the $175 million originally committed to the project. The additional sections are at Fulham (Stage 2), Nambrok (Stage 2), and Traralgon East (Stage 3) between Minniedale Road and east of Sheepwash Creek Road.

At 8.3km in length, the Flynn to Rosedale section, funded under the initial $175 million, is the longest section currently being duplicated. It includes the construction of three new bridges, replacement of the existing Blind Joes Creek Bridge, upgrades to the truck stops including provision of toilet facilities in the east bound truck stop area and improvements to the alignment. We're expecting works to be completed by  late 2016. 

The Fulham 1 section includes the construction of a roundabout at the Sale-Heyfield Road intersection and upgrades to the intersection at Polocross Lane. We're expecting works to be completed  by late 2016.

In the 2016 budget, the  State Government allocated $3 million to continue the planning, pre-construction and land acquisition for the two remaining sections at Flynn and Kilmany. The Flynn section is located from east of Sheepwash Creek Road to west of Flynn Creek Road. The Kilmany section is located between the two proposed duplicated sections from east of Rosedale Maffra Road (Nambrok 2) to west of Sale Cowwarr Road (Fulham 2).    

Princes Highway East Duplication - Traralgon to Sale Construction update March 2016 [PDF, 6.94Mb]

Project sections

Visit the pages below to find out more about each part of the project.

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Traralgon East - Sheepwash Creek Road
Status: planned 

Traralgon East Minniedale Road roundabout to east of Sheepwash Creek Road. 

Nambrok 2
Status: planned

East of Nambrok through to Maffra-Rosedale Road. This is one of the three additional sections of duplication following a recent commitment of $85 million by the state and federal governments. This is in addition to the $175 million already invested in the project. 

Fulham 2
Status: planned

West of Sale-Heyfield Rd to west of Sale-Cowwarr Rd. This is one of the three additional sections of duplication following a recent commitment of $85 million by the state and federal governments. The new funding is in addition to the $175 million already invested in the project.

Status: underway

West of Sale-Heyfield Road, Fulham including the Sale-Heyfield Road intersection. Fulham to Wurruk section involves the duplication of 2.9km of highway between west of Sale-Heyfield Road and Wurruk. 

Flynn to Rosedale
Status: underway

Flynn to Rosedale section involves the duplication of 8.3km of highway between west of Flynns Creek Road, Flynn and Byes Lane, Rosedale. 

Traralgon East - Minniedale Road
Status: completed

Traralgon East Stammers Road to Minniedale Road, Traralgon East was the third stage in the Princes Highway Duplication between Traralgon and Sale. 

Status: completed

Nambrok Road section involved the duplication of 2.8km between east of Dennison Road to east of Nambrok Road, Rosedale. 

Wurruk to Sale
Status: completed

The Princes Highway Wurruk to Sale section involved the reconstruction and duplication of a 4km section of highway to the west of Sale. 

Traralgon East - Stammers Road
Status: completed

Traralgon-Maffra Road to Stammers Road, Traralgon East. This section now completed includes a new roundabout at Rocla Road and Stammers Road intersections. 

Traralgon East to Kilmany EES & PSA process

VicRoads has received all major planning approvals and can now commence further construction of the Princes Highway Duplication between Traralgon and Sale.

Managing the environment

We’re committed to protecting the natural environment, and recognise the importance of cultural heritage, and flora and fauna along all sections of the Princes Highway East duplication. 

Who we’re working with

We’re working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire Council to ensure all environmental aspects of the Princes Highway East Duplication Project are managed effectively. A project Environmental Protection Strategy is being implemented as part of the works.

How we’re planning and assessing the works

All major planning approvals have been obtained for the six sections of the Princes Highway East Duplication Project. This includes the completion of the Environment Effects Statement (EES) and Planning Scheme Amendments (PSA) for all works along the Princes Highway East between Stammers Road, Traralgon East to Templetons Road, Kilmany. Copies of EES documentation can be requested direct from VicRoads. 

What’s been done for the environment?

As part of the project we bought a 120 hectare site at Bengworden where we’ve protected local native species and enhanced their habitat to offset those removed during construction.

VicRoads Eastern Region has also become the custodian of Victoria’s only roadside native vegetation offset site. The 25 hectare roadside site can be found between Sheepwash Creek, Traralgon East, and Flynns Creek Road along the south side of the Princes Highway. This site gave us an opportunity to not only protect, but to actively improve the quality of the vegetation. We’ve undertaken extensive work to remove environmental weeds including exotic and non-indigenous species, including the removal of 40 mature pine trees.

EPBC Compliance Report

EPBC 2010/5640 Compliance Report September 2016 [PDF 913Kb]

Involving the community

All members of the community are encouraged to take part in the delivery of the Princes Highway East Duplication Project. We'll provide regular construction updates, website information and newspaper advertisements to keep you aware of progress.

Email your details to [email protected] to join the Project Mailing List. 

You can also visit the VicRoads Project Office in Traralgon to discuss matters with staff and view detailed road plans.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, or would like to join our mailing list to receive project updates:

Call: VicRoads South Eastern Projects – Traralgon on (03) 5172 2328
Email: [email protected]
Write to: Project Director - South Eastern Projects, PO Box 158 Traralgon Vic 3844
Visit: 120 Kay Street, Traralgon, Victoria

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