Princes Highway East safety improvements

We’re upgrading the Princes Highway East from Sale to Bairnsdale to improve safety and reduce the likelihood of crashes. 

Princes Highway East  from Sale to Bairnsdale has been identified as a one of Victoria’s high risk roads under the Towards Zero 2016/2020 Road Safety and Action Plan (External link).

Project update - August 2017

Planning and design development are continuing, including consultation with affected landowners and key project stakeholders like our emergency service providers and the freight industry.

Vicroads recently invited people living along the Princes Highway East and in surrounding communities to drop-in information sessions at Lindenow South and Bairnsdale to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns about improving road safety between Sale and Bairnsdale. 

Thank you to all participants and to everyone who has provided the project team with valuable local knowledge. We encourage anyone who hasn’t yet shared their views to get in touch with us so you too can play an important role in shaping the future of road safety on the Highway.

Construction will be staged but early works are expected to commence between Sale and Stratford in September 2017. We will continue to work with landowners, the community and stakeholders throughout design development and delivery.

Community involvement

Over the past few months, project team members have been door-knocking residents along Princes Highway East to understand how they use the road, their safety concerns and how they believe we can best improve road safety.

The community information sessions held on the 1st and 2nd of August, provided us with an opportunity to listen and understand how individuals use and experience the road and to show how the designs have progressed for the proposed road safety improvements. Members of the project team were available to answer questions, explain the Safe System Philosophy and walk the community through the current improvement plans. 

Feedback from  regular commuters confirmed the importance of the Highway as a connection to surrounding suburbs and the introduction of an additional overtaking lane and new widened sealed shoulders was  welcomed by many community members.

We're committed to continuing the conversation to ensure that community ideas and feedback are considered throughout the design process and to make certain we understand how we can minimise the impacts of our work on the community.

Upcoming Community Information Session

The next community information sessions are planned for September and will provide the community with; another opportunity to have their say, meet the VicRoads project team and seek information in relation to the proposed road safety improvements, see how community input has been incorporated into the current designs and discuss construction staging. As part of the session held in Stratford, we would also like to hear community thoughts around how we can improve road safety on the Princes Highway East through the Stratford Town Centre.

Date:        Wednesday 20 September, 2017
Time:        Drop in at any time between 6pm–8pm 
Location:  Stratford Mechanics Hall, 17 Hobson Street, Stratford

Date:         Saturday 16 September 2017
Time:         Drop in at any time between 10am - 2pm 
Location:   Bunnings Warehouse, Bairnsdale

Date:        Tuesday 19 September 2017
Time  :      Drop in at any time  between 3pm - 5.30pm
Location:  New Leaf cafe (inside Dahlsens) 13 Dalmahoy street Bairnsdale 

Project background

Tragically, five lives were lost in the five years to 2015 and a further 49 people were injured, 17 of them seriously.

Together with our road safety partners, we’re working towards a future where no one is killed or seriously injured on our roads. That’s why we’re making a significant investment in improving the safety of Princes Highway East.

About the project

We are proposing a range of improvements and are planning to deliver:  

  • Flexible road safety barriers and/or wide centreline treatment along the middle of the road
  • Flexible road safety barriers on the left hand side of the road
  • New overtaking lanes near Lindenow Road, one east bound and one west bound
  • Rumble strips
  •  Improvements to key intersections
  • Sealing the road shoulder in high risk areas, and where possible
  • Rest facilities within the township of Stratford.


All improvements are designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of crashes.

Contact us

Safe System Road Infrastructure Program – Team Gippsland

Call:   0459 861 176
Email:  [email protected]

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Community Information Session

Date: Wednesday 20 Sept 2017
Time: Drop in at any time
between 6pm–8pm
Location: Stratford Mechanics Hall,
17 Hobson Street, Stratford

Date: Saturday 16 September 
Time: Drop in at any time 
between 10am - 2pm 
Location: Bunnings Warehouse, Bairnsdale

Date: Tuesday 19 September
Time: Drop in at any time
between 3pm - 5.30pm
Location: New Leaf cafe (inside Dahlsens)
3 Dalmahoy street Bairnsdale 

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