Rosedale roundabout upgrade

We’re upgrading the roundabout at Rosedale’s busiest intersection thanks to $2.09 million from the Victorian and Australian Governments.

Project background

The roundabout at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Lyon Street is a bottleneck. 

Its current shape means trucks that turn left into the Princes Highway East towards Sale, have to do so from the right-hand lane which causes safety risks to other drivers and traffic congestion. 

About the project

The project will include:

  • A new free flowing left turning lane 
  • Providing a safe pedestrian crossing point on the western side of the roundabout
  • Installing fencing to prevent people from crossing at unsafe locations
  • New footpath and landscaping to complement Wellington Shire Council’s streetscape works
  • Improving the approaches to the roundabout, including Lyons Street
  • Additional parking in Lyons Street
  • Removal of two power poles, and undergrounding power lines
  • Proposed relocation of the monuments from Lyons Street median 

Rosedale roundabout upgrade map small 

View a larger version of the Rosedale roundabout upgrade concept map [985Kb]


The upgrade to the roundabout will improve:
  • traffic flow 
  • safety for truck drivers, other motorists and pedestrians
  • freight productivity
  • street lighting on all approaches to the roundabout

Community involvement

We have consulted with the Rosedale community to finalise the design and will continue to engage with the community and Council on the relocation of the monuments and the final landscaping details. 

Contact us

Email:  [email protected]




Key Dates
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
May 2017 Project funding announcement Completed
Late 2017 Preconstruction works including utility service relocation
Early 2018 Roundabout works have started Current
Mid 2018 Completion of roundabout works Upcoming
Late 2018 Completion of streetscape works and landscaping

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