Mair Street upgrade

We’re improving traffic flow, easing congestion and improving walking and cycling options on Mair Street, to give the infrastructure Ballarat needs to grow.

Project update – March 2018

We’ve been busy taking on board your feedback from the past year and are pleased to be progressing to construction for Stage 1, which incorporates the Dawson to Armstrong Street and Davies to Humffray Street sections. Find out more in our latest information bulletin [PDF 650Kb].

We are also continuing the conversation with local businesses with the formation of a project monitoring group. You can read more about this group in the Community Involvement section of this page.

artwork image showing Mair Street upgrade - Dawson and Mair Streets intersection  (smaller version)

View a larger version of the Dawson Street intersection [JPG 514Kb]

artwork image showing Mair Street upgrade - Mair and Peel streets intersection  (smaller version)

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Upcoming Construction

Construction of Stage 1 is planned to commence in Autumn 2018 and will incorporate upgrades between Dawson and Armstrong Streets and Davies and Humffray Streets. 

The upgrades will include:

  • A dedicated left-turn slip lane from Sturt Street into Dawson Street,
  • New synchronised traffic lights at the Dawson/ Mair Street intersection
  • Dual traffic lanes between Doveton and Dawson Streets and Davies and Humffray Streets.
  • Intersection improvements at Doveton, Peel and Humffray Streets with new turning lanes, line marking and synchronised traffic lights
  • New trees in the median and on the roadsides
  • Wider kerbs for safer pedestrian access
  • Improved cycling facilities with a buffer zone to reduce risk of doorings
  • Construction of Stage 1 is planned to be completed before the Christmas season to minimise the impact on traders. We will work with the City of Ballarat and traders to identify how we can minimise the impacts of construction, such as night works.

Project background

Mair Street is a big part of central Ballarat. Sturt Street links the central business district (CBD) with Lake Wendouree and connects premiere eating, dining and entertainment areas. Mair Street is a major traffic route around the CBD and has many stores, businesses and schools. 

Improving Mair Street will support the economic and population growth of Ballarat for years to come. This project is an important part of the City of Ballarat’s CBD Strategy: Making Ballarat Central (2010) [PDF] (External link) (PDF)

As Ballarat grows, we need to make sure this vital street works for everyone.


About the project

Revitalising Mair Street will:

  • Improve traffic flow with two lanes in each direction
  • Improve safety by upgrading intersections and installing traffic lights, 
  • Ease congestion by synchronising traffic lights to let more traffic through
  • Improve safety for pedestrians with safer crossing points and lights
  • Encourage cycling by introducing safer, designated bike lanes
  • Create a tree line boulevard

Community involvement

Mair Street Monitoring Group 

A project monitoring group comprising of VicRoads, City of Ballarat and trader representatives has been formed to work together and help us with the practicalities of the upgrade to minimise the impact on businesses. The members of this group were randomly selected from the pool of interested persons who expressed their interest in participating. The members are;
  • Ms Jodie Gillett - Commerce Ballarat
  • Ms Jo Guerts - Bakery Hill Kindergarten
  • Mr Roger Howlett - Ballarat Leagues Club
  • Mr Stephen Whelan - Bursons
  • Mr Phillip Sargent - Freight Bar
  • Ps Phillip Tong - Ballarat Christian Fellowship 

Members will act as advocates for their neighbours but all businesses will still be consulted with by VicRoads and are welcome to contact the Project Team at any time.

Citizen Advisory Group

Over two weekends in October & November 2016, 34 members of the Ballarat community participated in in-depth co-design workshops with VicRoads, the City of Ballarat and transport experts to identify issues and opportunities for Sturt Street and Mair Street.

We thank this Citizen Advisory Group for their hard work and contributions to this important project.

The key opportunities identified and investigated by the Citizen Advisory Group were:

  • Review the number and type of road crossings on Sturt Street, between Pleasant and Dawson streets;
  • Make Mair Street two lanes in each direction east of Lydiard Street and replace the roundabout at Grenville Street with traffic lights to ease congestion;
  • Plant trees along Mair Street to make it a more attractive tree-lined boulevard;
  • Install dedicated infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians to improve their safety; and
  • Synchronise traffic signals for smoother traffic flow and easier crossing for pedestrians.

Pop-up shop and Engage VicRoads

We developed concepts for Mair Street based on the thoughts and concerns that were raised in the online survey and the Citizen Advisory Group in 2016. In July and August 2017, we talked with businesses and other key stakeholders, opened a pop-up shop in Lydiard Street and launched an interactive map on our Engage VicRoads website to gather the wider community’s thoughts on the Mair Street Upgrade.

Over the nine days we opened the pop-up shop, 235 people visited to share their thoughts. 1835 people logged on to our Engage VicRoads website, with 32 people leaving comments and 146 casting votes. We also had 19 local traders attend our Business Briefing Sessions.

You can read more about what we heard in our Consultation Summary report [PDF 296 Kb]

What happens next?

We are continuing to finalise the design for the remaining sections of Mair Street. This involves investigation of the Grenville Street intersection which sits on a bridge. We are currently determining what, if any, upgrades need to be made to the bridge in order to construct this section of Mair Street. 

A funding bid has been submitted to the State Government for the construction of the remainder of the Mair Street Upgrade.

Contact us 

If you'd like more information or have any questions, please get in touch

Email: [email protected] 
Write: Sturt and Mair Streets, PO Box 580, Ballarat, Vic 3353

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