Surf Coast Highway and Kidman Avenue safety improvements

The intersection of the Surf Coast Highway and Kidman Avenue in Belmont has received a $1.4 million safety upgrade under the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program, with new traffic lights and safety platforms. This project is now complete.


This project made the following improvements:
  • new traffic lights at the intersection
  • innovative new safety platforms installed at the intersection
  • a dedicated right-turning lane into Kidman Avenue
  • extensions of right-turning lanes along Surf Coast Highway between Kidman Avenue and Settlement Road. 
This is the first time safety platforms have been placed on an arterial road at a set of traffic lights in Australia. The platforms are designed to prepare motorists to lower their speed when approaching and passing through the intersection.


The safety platform treatment was chosen based on the successful implementation of similar road safety projects in the Netherlands, and in consultation with TAC, Monash University Accident Research Centre and road safety experts.

The safety platform looks similar to speed bumps installed on some local roads. It’s designed to control the speed of traffic through the intersection to 50km/h. 

When approaching the intersection, vehicles will slow down helping to prevent and reduce the severity in the event of a crash at the intersection. 

The installation of traffic signals in combination with the safety platforms is the first of its kind to be piloted on an arterial road in Australia.

See Safety Platform Design [JPEG 1.78Mb] 

Why use this design?

  • This design is based on intersection safety research in Victoria, conducted by Monash University Accident Research Centre.
  • This research concluded that the addition of safety platforms at signalised intersections on roads with speed limits of 60km/h or higher has the potential to be one of the most effective options.
  • The concept of safety platforms at traffic signals originated in the Netherlands where the number of collisions with casualties fell by 40-50% after safety platforms were installed at 40 intersections with traffic signals.
  • Experience with raised safety platforms in the Netherlands has been positive overall.
  • In an evaluation of safety platforms conducted in the Province of South Holland in 2005, it was found that safety was improved substantially and intersection capacity has also been enhanced.

Reference: Corben, B., & Candappa, N. (2014). Proposed trial of elevated stop lines at Surf Coast Highway and Kidman Avenue, Belmont. Melbourne: Corben Consulting.

Project background

Over 20,000 vehicles travel along the Surf Coast Highway every day. In the five-year period between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2012 the Surf Coast Hwy/Kidman Avenue intersection has had:

  • six casualty crashes
  • four crashes involving right-turning traffic being struck by through traffic
  • three serious injury crashes
  • four low-moderate injury crashes.

This project aims to address the safety at this intersection for drivers and pedestrians. Safe System Principles indicate that motorists are more likely to survive side-impact crashes if the vehicle speed is 50km/h or less. 

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