$340 million VicRoads investment in smarter roads

VicRoads investing in more front-line staff and technology

The Victorian Government’s $340 million package of measures to create more space on our roads is putting extra technology and people in place to keep drivers and freight moving.

VicRoads is leading the response to increased traffic by investing in more front-line staff and technology to transform how we manage our arterial road network making it easier for people and goods to get around Melbourne. 

All this work will ensure drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, public transport, and freight on our arterial roads are moving as efficiently as possible, as people return to work post-COVID-19 and we continue our Big Build transport infrastructure investment.

We are creating more predictable journeys by increasing our visibility of the network, making road management more proactive, and improving our real-time journey information.

This VicRoads’ investment will:

Optimise pedestrian crossings
Help trams and buses keep to timetable
Improve travel information
Respond quickly to incidents
Keep freight moving

Metro Melbourne Zones

In the first phase we’re rolling out technology assets on some of the most challenging road environments in Melbourne’s West, East and South-East. 

Roll-out of new technology

VicRoads is making a major investment in support vehicles, traffic technology hardware, and other traffic systems and tools including:

700 traffic monitoring cameras
200 wireless travel time sensors
42 Variable Messaging Signs displaying live travel information
75 dynamic pedestrian crossings
Air quality sensors
Existing asset renewals
6 new incident response vans
4 new surveillance vehicles

Expanding our traffic team

More than 150 staff are joining VicRoads to deliver and support this VicRoads program including:
135 operations staff, transport engineers, data scientists, UX specialists, and program staff
14 new cadet traffic signal engineers
7 new staff in our new dedicated congestion management team

Largest ever review of traffic lights 

The largest review of traffic light sequencing ever conducted in Melbourne is now underway to keep drivers and freight moving as traffic steadily builds towards pre-pandemic levels. 
759 traffic lights at 170 intersections across three traffic hot spots in Melbourne’s East, South East and West will be analysed and updated to optimise traffic. 
The reviews, conducted by specialist traffic signal engineers over the next twelve months, will use the latest technology combined with traffic flow, safety, and crash data as well as stakeholder feedback to deliver immediate benefits for all road users including motorists and freight. 

We’re also working on

We’re also working to better understand traffic flow, respond to unplanned disruptions faster, but also predict where and when traffic hotspots are about to occur. This will be achieved through a wide range of transport projects including:

The fusion of new and existing road data
Enhanced road network awareness
Introducing roadside air quality monitoring
In-road sensor technology
Developing more useful live journey information

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