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  1. Application for a Licence or Learner Permit (Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Personal Watercraft) [PDF 830 Kb]

  2. Consent to release health information to VicRoads [PDF 63 Kb]

  3. Change of personal details [PDF 69 Kb]

  4. VicRoads IT&T Security Policies [PDF 83 Kb]

  5. Dealer request to add a secondary postal address to registration [PDF 492 Kb]

  6. VicRoads Organisation Access Application [PDF 109 Kb]

  7. Used car trader Dealer online transfers application form [PDF 131 Kb]

  8. Dealer registration transfer payment summary [PDF 63 Kb]

  9. Dealer online vehicle registration [PDF 61 Kb]

  10. VicRoads Online terms and conditions [PDF 84 Kb]