Transfer your vehicle registration transcript 

So you wanna sell your car,

well before you do, you'll have to decide whether you want to sell your car with or without its current registration.

If you want to sell the car without the registration you must call VicRoads on 13 11 71 and cancel it.

You can get a refund on the registration fees if you return the number plates to your local VicRoads Customer Service centre.

Now, if you decide to sell the car with its current registration you'll need to transfer the registration to the buyer.

Let's say it's me selling the car this is how it's done.

First I give the buyer current certificate of roadworthiness, I need the certificate in order to sell my car legally, however if I was to sell my car to a car dealer I wouldn’t need one.

Now, if I haven't got a current certificate of roadworthiness I need to take my car to a licensed vehicle tester to have it inspected.

There’s a list of licenced vehicle tester on the website.

Once my car has being checked and it's considered roadworthy. I'll receive the certificate. Before I give the certificate to the buyer, I need to make sure it wasn't issued more than 30 days before the sale date, if so, I need to get another one.

Next I complete an application for transfer of registration form with the buyer. I can download the form from the website or pick up one from a VicRoads Customer Service Centre, making sure I keep a copy for my records.

I'll need to check that both the buyer and I have field out both sections at the form. Now all that's left is for me, the seller, to keep a copy and the buyer will submit the original form to VicRoads and have the registration transferred and it's done.

For more information or if you're selling a car registered interstate and would like to transfer it to Victorian registration visit the VicRoads website.

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