Transfer to an underage person

Learn how to register a vehicle in the name of a nominee, if you’re underage.

What age can you register a vehicle in Victoria?

The minimum eligible age you can register a vehicle in your name is:

  • 18 years for a heavy vehicle
  • 17 years and 9 months for a motorcycle 
  • 17 years for any other vehicle.

Can a vehicle be transferred to someone underage?

No, however a vehicle can be transferred to a nominee until they reach the eligible age. 

What’s a nominee? 

A ‘nominee’ is a person who is nominated to act on behalf of another person.

How to transfer a vehicle to a nominee

What you’ll need:

How to submit documents

You’ll need to submit the above documents and fees to VicRoads by:

  • posting it to GPO Box 1644, Melbourne, VIC 3001 (cheque only)
  • visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre (pay by VISA, MasterCard*, cheque, EFTPOS or cash**)

* A card payment fee applies

** All VicRoads Customer Service Centre's accept cash except for:

How to transfer a vehicle when you reach the eligible age

When you reach the eligible age, you can ask us to transfer the registration from your nominee into your name. 

Will I have to pay a fee or get a Roadworthy Certificate?

No, you won’t need to get a Roadworthy Certificate or pay any fees. 

What will I need to transfer the vehicle into my name? 

You’ll need:

You can then submit the documents at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre

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