Modify a light trailer or caravan

Modifications to a light trailer or caravan must not affect its compliance to the standards for registration.

All trailers must comply with the applicable standards:

If you are unsure whether the modifications you are planning for a light trailer will affect its compliance to VSB1, you should consult with a VASS Signatory and obtain an approval letter confirming the compliance of the modifications. Learn about and obtain a VASS approval certificate

The entire chassis or any part of a chassis with its vehicle identifier recorded on an interstate Written Off Vehicles Register as a statutory write-off cannot be used to build or repair a trailer. A trailer chassis can be constructed of second-hand parts/components provided they are not sourced from a statutory write-off vehicle.

Second-hand parts or accessories may be used to construct a trailer body. You must adhere to the design and construction standards and technical requirements detailed in VSB1. 

Changes to light trailer or caravan aggregate trailer mass (ATM)

If you wish to change the aggregate trailer mass (ATM) from that which was originally specified by the trailer manufacturer, the following is required:

Learn more about notifying VicRoads of changes and modifications.

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