Light vehicle modification requirements

Basic requirements for modifying a car, ute, 4x4, van or motorcycle under 4.5T gross vehicle mass (GVM).

Modifications to vehicles have the potential to adversely affect its compliance with the Standards for Registration by altering its structural integrity, the operation of safety systems, handling characteristics or emissions compliance.

A person must not use a modified vehicle on a highway unless the modification has been approved by VicRoads or has been carried out in accordance with guidelines published by VicRoads. The registered operator is obliged to advise VicRoads of changes which affect a vehicle’s description, weight or number of seats.

VicRoads has approved some of the more common or minor modifications which generally do not affect a vehicle’s ongoing compliance with the Standards for Registration. Modifications or additions in accordance with the Vehicle Standards Information Sheets listed below do not require a VASS Approval Certificate:

  • for registered light vehicles see VSI8
  • for light vehicles on the Club Permit Scheme see VSI33
  • for motorcycles, see VSI4

Modifications outside what is allowed in VSI8 VSI33 and VSI 4 require a VASS Approval Certificate issued by a VASS Signatory. Modifications which may be approved by a VASS Signatory are outlined in the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (VSB14) (External link).

Before making modifications to your vehicle it’s recommended that you discuss your plans with a VASS Signatory, who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance about what will be required in the process of obtaining a VASS Approval Certificate. This will give you a higher of chance of ensuring your vehicle will meet the Standards for Registration when your modifications are complete. 

Notify VicRoads of changes and modifications

If the description of your vehicle has changed as a result of modifications, VicRoads must be notified before the vehicle can be used on a road.

Imported vehicles

For information on imported vehicles see Register an imported vehicle.

VicRoads also provides Vehicle Standards Information bulletins (VSIs) which provide advice on some common modifications. Those relating to light vehicle modifications are outlined below:


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