Vehicle standards information

All vehicles in Victoria need to conform to construction standards to ensure that drivers and passengers are provided with a minimum level of safety. 

Takata airbag recall

Check if your vehicle is affected by the latest alert announced by the ACCC or visit the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications vehicle recall page.

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Construction standards are detailed in the Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) Sheets below.  

These standards are complemented by the Australian Design Rules (External link)and the Commonwealth Vehicle Standards Bulletins.

A review of all VSIs has been undertaken and a number have been updated to ensure they reflect current legislative and policy requirements.   

The Road Safety (Vehicle) Interim Regulations 2020 have expired and a new set of regulations commenced on 30 September 2021.

The new regulations are the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021.

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Number Title Date published
No. 1 Bull bars [PDF 168 Kb] October 2021 
No. 2 Window tinting and films [PDF 328 Kb] 
October 2021
No. 4 Summary of registration requirements for motorcycles and mopeds [PDF 862 Kb] November 2021
No. 5 Conversion of vehicles to motorhomes and modification of motor vehicles incorporating gas or electrical systems [PDF 177 Kb] October 2021
No. 6 Requirements for A – frame towing of vehicles [PDF 20 Kb] October 2021
No. 8 Guide to modifications for motor vehicles [PDF 785 Kb] 
Note: please refer to the updated VSI 27 for LPG/LNG/CNG conversions
October 2021
No. 12 Flashing lights, Other Lights and reflectors [PDF 172 Kb] October 2021 
No. 16 Tyre maintenance and repair [PDF 168 Kb] October 2021 
No. 17 Summary of child restraint anchorages [PDF 572 Kb]
Note: The information and requirements outlined in this VSI are being reviewed and consultation to follow. 
June 2021
No. 18 Left hand drive vehicles & vehicles converted to right hand drive [PDF 96 Kb]
October 2021
No. 19 The information and requirements outlined in this VSI are currently under review. Information on removing, adding or replacing seats can be found here  
No. 25 Motor vehicle body repairs [PDF 22 Kb]
May 2006
No. 26 Roadworthiness requirements [PDF 204 Kb]
March 2023
No. 27 LPG/LNG/CNG conversions and repairs [PDF 133 Kb]

July 2022

No. 29 October 2021
No. 33 Guidelines to modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria's Club Permit Scheme [PDF 448 Kb] October 2021
No. 34   Guidelines for the use of bicycle carriers [PDF 219 Kb] October 2021

Note: the following Vehicle Standards are no longer current and should not be used to determine whether a vehicle meets construction standards. They’re for reference use only.

Modifications made to vehicles based on these documents are only valid if made prior to the corresponding “Valid until” date in column three below.

Number Title Valid until
No. 3 

Conditions for Registration of Imported Vehicles in Victoria [PDF 101 Kb]
Note: This VSI applies to all vehicles where the import approval was applied for/provided before 30 June 2021.

Advice on applying to import a vehicle from 1 July 2021 can be found at:

Requirements for registering a vehicle imported from 1 July 2021 can be found on the VicRoads website

October 2020 
No. 9 Registration requirements for light trailers manufactured
before July 1991 [PDF 409 Kb]
January 2016
No. 13 High mounted brake lamps [PDF 52 Kb]

For more information refer to Australian Design
Rule 60/00 - Centre High Mounted Stop Lamp (External link)
January 2016
No. 15 

Additional seat belts for rear seats [PDF 560 Kb]

June 2021
No. 21

Summary of seat belts and child restraint fitting requirements [PDF 632 Kb]

June 2021
No. 28 Internal roll bars and roll cages [PDF 215 Kb]

Note: In some circumstances, Club Permit Scheme Vehicles
can continue to have modifications made based
on this document. Refer to VSI Sheet No. 33 for more information

October 2011
No. 32 Heavy Vehicle Modifications [PDF 62 Kb] 10 February 2014

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