Heavy vehicle access permits

Find out how to apply for a heavy vehicle access permit

The NHVR coordinates the access of heavy vehicles to ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable road network for industry.

The NHVR facilitates a range of access applications from start to finish by liaising directly with road managers (both state and territory road authorities and local government) to manage the application process and the issue of permits.

How to apply

To apply for a heavy vehicle access permit, follow the process detailed on the NHVR website

If you have any questions about heavy vehicle access permit applications, please contact NHVR on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487) or [email protected].

New Annual Permit Scheme

We've established the Annual Permit Scheme to set out the mass and dimension limits and operating conditions for a prime mover, dolly and low loader combination.

Under the new Annual Permit Scheme, operators can:
  • continue to use their existing A, B and C permits that detail mass and dimension limits for different low loader combinations until they expire
  • apply for new Oversize and Over mass (OSOM) Annual Permit Scheme which allows for an increase in the allowable mass and dimension limits under certain conditions.
The new Annual Permit Scheme allows for combinations to be up to:
  • 100.0 tonnes (when using a dolly)
  • 82.5 tonnes (when not using a dolly)
  • 5.0 metres high
  • 30.0 metres long
  • 5.0 metres wide.
Other dimension limits that weren’t originally specified in the A, B and C scheme permits have been included, such as:
  • a maximum rear overhang 
  • a maximum S-dimension (measured from the kingpin on the prime mover or dolly and the rear overhang line). 
There's no specific area on the application form to include the S-dimension; however, information about the S-dimension should be included in section 4 of the application form. 

What roads does this new scheme apply to?
The scheme applies to major arterial roads on the network, including:
  • most M, A and B roads
  • many C roads
  • some local roads. 
For last mile access on Local Government roads you’ll need consent from the relevant municipality if it’s not already pre-approved and mapped.

Visit the new map network to see where your OSOM combinations can travel. This map network is constantly expanding as additional routes are pre-approved.

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