Compliance encourages heavy vehicle operators to comply with the requirements of operating a heavy vehicle by way of monitoring, registration, investigation and ultimately prosecution with the objective being voluntary compliance.

This is done by conducting enforcement operations,  industry liaison, education and where necessary acting as escorts where required of overmass or over dimension loads.  Officers have the power to enter and search heavy vehicles and premises associated with heavy vehicles.  Authorised Officers also have powers to direct any person of any vehicle, if you are requested to assist an Authorised Officer you must comply with that request.

New road rule - Passing stopped enforcement, emergency and escort vehicles with flashing lights

From 1 July 2017 a new road rule will be introduced to improve safety for our emergency and enforcement workers.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Safety and compliance Officers’ vehicles are covered by the new rule.

Motorists must slow down to a speed that would enable them to stop safely if necessary when approaching and passing enforcement, emergency or escort vehicles that are stationary or moving slowly (less than 10km/h), and have either:

  • red and blue flashing lights
  • magenta (purple) flashing lights
  • an alarm sounding

You must not exceed 40km/h when passing the vehicle and not increase your speed until a safe distance from the scene.

Read more about the new road rule.

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