Heavy Vehicle Safety and Compliance

On road heavy safety and compliance services previously provided by VicRoads Transport Safety Services (TSS) are now provided by National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Safety and Compliance Officers (SCOs).  For further information visit NHVR



Working with Victoria Police and the TAC, Safety and Compliance Officers (SCOs)  help minimise fatalities and trauma on our roads.

SCOs primary focus is heavy vehicles compliance but they also make sure other vehicles are compliant with:

  • fatigue
  • loading
  • roadworthiness
  • mass & dimension
  • road safety (including seat belts and distraction)
  • speed and drink driving.

What authority does SCOs have?

SCOs have a similar role to Victoria Police on Victorian roads and failure to obey SCOs is an offence under Victorian Road Law.

SCOs can exercise judgement in road safety compliance for all road users by issuing fines and notices. 

Types of notices SCOs issue, include:

  • defective vehicle 
  • traffic Infringement 
  • rectification 
  • fatigue 

SCOs are authorised to carry out their duties under the provisions of:

  • The Road Safety Act 1986
  • Transport Act (Compliance and Miscellaneous)
  • Road Management Act
  • Heavy Vehicle National Law
  • Environment Protection Act
  • The Road Rules and Regulations 

Heavy vehicle compliance

CSOs can intercept heavy vehicles and check them for compliance with:

  • weight
  • load 
  • dimensions
  • roadworthiness
  • registration 
  • impaired driving 
  • safety related issues such as speed and fatigue. 

Drivers will also be checked for their licence and to make sure they are compliant with heavy vehicle work and rest requirements. 

Contact SCOs

Email: [email protected]

Contact:  Compliance and Safety Officers (SCOs)

Email:  [email protected]

If you require an escort or inspection of vehicles and loads, please visit the NHVR website

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