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The National Transport Commission in partnership with the Regulator, industry and governments, has updated the National Driver Work Diary to reflect the requirements contained within the new Heavy Vehicle (Fatigue Management) National Regulation 2013.

The National Driver Work Diary has been changed to include:

  • a reduction in duplication and the amount of information required to be filled out
  • more detailed advice on fatigue laws
  • guidance on how to count time.

The changes will make completing a work diary easier and ensure that a driver’s focus can be on managing their fatigue.

When should I use a work diary?

With the commencement of the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Regulations, all drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles who drive 100km or more from their home base or operate under Basic Fatigue Management or Advanced Fatigue Management must complete a work diary to record their work and rest times.

Where can I buy a work diary?

National Driver Work Diary can be purchased for $25 statewide at the same places in Victoria you currently buy your work diary. You can use your existing work diary for up to six months after the national law and regulations commence. The diary will no longer be a VicRoads document, but we now sell the national driver work diary on behalf of the NHVR.

What if my work diary is lost, stolen or destroyed?

As soon as you realise your work diary is lost, stolen or destroyed (or it is filled up before you can get a new one) you must report it in writing to the road agency in the state or territory you are working in (for example, VicRoads) within two business days.

If you are working in an area with no access to a road agency, or other outlet you have a maximum of seven business days to get a new work diary. Until you are issued with a new work diary, you must continue to record all work and rest time in a supplementary record sheet. You must keep all supplementary sheets with your work diary as part of your work record.

What if I can’t get a new work diary within seven days?

If you cannot get a new work diary within seven business days you must either:

  • cease driving until you get a new one
  • perform different duties so you do not need to use a work diary until you get a new one.

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