Register a vehicle

If your vehicle has never been registered before or the registration was cancelled, you will need to take these steps to register your vehicle.

Check the rules around driving your vehicle while it is unregistered

To legally drive an unregistered vehicle while preparing it for registration, you need to get an unregistered vehicle permit.

Unregistered vehicle permits

If your registration has expired by less than 3 months, you can still renew your vehicle’s registration.

This page includes information about how to register a light vehicle or a heavy vehicle.

Otherwise check out specific registration requirements if your vehicle is:

If you are transferring your registration from interstate, check what steps you need to follow to register your interstate vehicle in Victoria.

Please note that if you have purchased a new vehicle through a dealership, the dealership may arrange the registration on your behalf at the time of purchase.

The vehicle can be registered in the name of an individual or a corporation (company or incorporated association). You don't need a licence to register a vehicle.


To register a light vehicle in your name, you must be at least 17 years. A light vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes or less.

To register a heavy vehicle in your name, you must be at least 18 years. A heavy vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of greater than 4.5 tonnes.

If you are a minor, your vehicle can be registered in someone else’s name (e.g. a parent, guardian or sibling) until you reach the minimum age.


A company or incorporated association can have a vehicle registered in its name.

Companies have an Australian Company Number (ACN). Incorporated associations will not have an ACN but may be incorporated in a number of ways e.g. through an Act of Parliament or by Royal Charter. They may include organisations such as hospitals, municipal councils or trade unions.

Who cannot register a vehicle

Vehicles cannot be registered in a business name, trading name or the name of an unincorporated group. If the vehicle is owned by an unincorporated body, multiple people or an emergency response organisation (e.g. SES, CFA or municipality vehicles), an individual may be nominated as the registered operator.

You'll need to get a Certificate of Roadworthiness for your vehicle to bring to your registration appointment. You can get a Certificate of Roadworthiness from a roadworthy tester location. 

You will not need a Certificate of Roadworthiness if your vehicle is brand new (other than a taxi

A brand new vehicle is a vehicle that has never previously been registered in Victoria or another jurisdiction and any kilometres on the speedometre are incurred in the delivery and sale of the vehicle to the owner prior to initial registration.  

Before you contact us to make an appointment, make sure you have each of the following ready:

  • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number
  • engine number of your vehicle
  • the make, model and previous registration number of your vehicle (if previously registered)
  • your current licence number.

You will need to pay an appointment fee when booking your appointment.

Make an appointment by:

* A card payment fee applies

Your vehicle will need to be inspected during the appointment, unless your vehicle has been previously registered in your name and the vehicle details have not changed.

It is recommended that you purchase an unregistered vehicle permit when taking an unregistered vehicle to VicRoads for registration, to ensure the you have full TAC compulsory insurance cover for the trip. Visit the Transport Accident Commission website for more information.

There are no concessions available for appointments.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Once the appointment is booked, it can only be changed by the appointment holder.

If you need to change your appointment, you will have to pay another appointment fee.

If you change or cancel your appointment more than 24 hours prior to the appointment time, the inspection fee can be transferred to a new time or refunded.

Change your appointment online.

You will need to bring along the following to your appointment:

  • the vehicle (if an inspection is required)
  • a completed vehicle registration form [PDF 209 Kb]
  • your evidence of identity
  • a current and original Certificate of Roadworthiness
  • evidence of the Victorian garaged address. You will need to provide one of the following as evidence:
    • a Victorian residential or business address. If the postal address differs from the residential or business address, evidence of that must also be provided.
    • an interstate or overseas residential or business address plus secondary evidence of identity that provides documentary evidence linking the vehicle operator to the Victorian garaged address (eg. rate notice, utility bill etc.)
    • an RMB (Road side mailbox) or RSD (Road side delivery) if the residence or business cannot be identified by a street/road name or other means.
  • if someone else is registering the vehicle on your behalf, they will need to provide an original and signed Authority to act as an agent form [PDF 253 Kb]
  • appropriate tools to either remove or affix your number plates ensuring they are fitted to your vehicle before leaving VicRoads. Screws are not supplied with new plates.

Modified or written-off

If your vehicle has been modified or previously written-off, you may also need additional documentation to register your vehicle. Check requirements for your Vehicle modifications & defects.


Check the cost of registering your vehicle by using the fee calculator.If you can provide evidence that the vehicle was previously registered in your name in Australia, you will not have to pay motor vehicle duty.

Bring the documentation/items to your appointment, including your evidence of your identity and a vehicle registration form [PDF 209 Kb].

You will need to pay a fee to register your vehicle (cash, Visa or Mastercard, EFTPOS, cheque or money order).

The fees that are applicable are:

  • standard registration charge
  • number plate fee
  • Transport Accident Commission charge
  • motor vehicle duty fee.

Before you drive the vehicle, the new number plates must be fitted to your vehicle.

Note: If you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you may be required to transfer your appointment to the next available timeslot and pay another appointment fee.

Using your previous number plates

Custom plates

If you own custom plates you can place them on a vehicle registered in your name by notifying us at the appointment. A plate assignment fee will be charged if the custom plates have been on another vehicle before.

General issue plates

If you want to re-use the general issue plates on the same vehicle (upon re-registration), you will need to pay a fee to purchase the rights to the plate. (Note: The plate combination can only be purchased if it is not owned by another person/company).

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