Displaying number plates

Find out the rules about displaying number plates in Victoria. 

Displaying number plates

All vehicles registered in Victoria must have number plates that are:

  • clearly visible from a distance of 20m
  • displayed at the front and back of the vehicle (except for motorbikes and trailer - these only need one number plate attached to the back at least 30cm off the ground).

All number plates should be:

  • affixed in an upright position
  • no more than 1.3m off the ground
  • clean
  • free from covers, tints or other reflective surfaces that could interfere with plate reading devices

If your vehicle makes it difficult for you to meet these requirements, you need to make them as closely as possible. 

Number plates must remain clearly visible and not be obscured by anything. Penalties apply for not complying with number plate laws, for example obscuring a number plate or driving with false plates.

Example: Number plates must be clearly visible from 20m at all points in the shaded areas marked "A". 

Number plates must be clearly visible from 20m at all points in the shaded areas marked "A"

Agricultural Vehicles

Agricultural machines are required to display a number plate on the front and back of the vehicle. If it is not practicable to display a number plate on the front, only one number plate is required on the back of the vehicle.

Bicycle racks and number plates

If you've got a bike rack attached to your vehicle, you still need to make sure your number plate is visible from 20m. Find out more about displaying number plates with bike racks.

What about trailers that don't need to be registered?

If you're towing a trailer that doesn't need registration (i.e. an exempt trailer) you can either display a 'home-made- number plate that meets the requirements above or you can apply for an exempt trailer plate.

Unauthorised number plates

Displaying number plates that haven't been issued by VicRoads on a vehicle is an offence under the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations (except for 'home-made' plates on exempt trailers). This includes the illegal re-manufacturing of existing number plates issued by VicRoads in a different format, style or material. 

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