Trailer plates

Trailer plates must be displayed on all registered light trailers and light caravans. Exempt trailer plates are available for those trailers that don’t have to be registered.

Check if you need to register your light trailer or light caravan.

Trailer plates are provided when you registered your light trailer or light caravan.

If your light trailer is exempt from registration, you can purchase an Exempt Trailer Plate which is a duplicate of the registration number of the towing vehicle to enable easy identification of the vehicle.

The current trailer plate series:

  • Include blue characters on white background
  • starts from E56 000.

Trailer plates were formerly issued in the following series and format.

Series Issue period Characters colour Background colour
G00 000 - L99 999 Up to 1977 Black White
A00 000 - E55 999 1977-9/1994 Black White

Replacements to existing trailer plates will be manufactured and issued in the current blue characters on white background format with the current slogan.

To order an Exempt Trailer plate (a fee applies):

*A card payment fee applies

The plate will be mailed to you. Allow 14 days for delivery.

Exempt trailer plate style

The exempt trailer plate:

  • is the same size as the general issue plate series
  • has blue characters on white background.

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