Vehicle fees

Learn about registration fees in Victoria.

What fees do I pay?

When you register a vehicle you pay:

  • Registration fees (this includes the TAC charge)
  • Motor vehicle duty 
  • Number plate fee.

Registration fees

This fee depends on the type of vehicle being registered. For example, if you have a sedan, station wagon, 4WD or a ute.

Transport Accident Commission charge (TAC)

This fee depends on the area or 'risk zone' your vehicle is usually kept. The payment goes to treatment and support services for people involved in a transport accident. You may see this broken up into a TAC Charge and a Duty charge on your registration renewal letter.

Go to About the Transport Accident Commission charge to learn more.

How do I calculate fees?

Due to a technical issue, the Registration fee calculator has been taken offline. Refer to the table below.

If you have a sedan, station wagon, hatch or 4WD.

Vehicle location Total payable registration fee
Metropolitan area (high risk zone)
Outer metropolitan (medium risk zone)
Rural (low risk zone)

Goods carrying vehicles - up to 2 tonnes

These are vehicles for carrying goods including utility and dual cab ute.

Vehicle location Total payable registration fee
Metropolitan (high risk zone) $878.00
Outer Metropolitan (medium risk zone) $743.80
Rural (low risk zone) $615.10

Light trailer and caravans

Vehicle type Reg fee
Trailer (including caravans)
Private* or Business Use or Government, Shire, Council and Approved Bodies


* Private use is defined as a vehicle that is used exclusively for social, domestic or pleasure purposes.

Concession and discounts

Go to Registration concessions to see if you can apply a concession or exemption on your vehicle registration.

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