ZLEV road-user charge exemptions

There are very specific conditions in which travel in a ZLEV will be exempt from the road-user charge.

The ZLEV road-user charge applies to the distance travelled by registered Victorian ZLEVs.

ZLEV motorcycles are excluded from road-user charges.

ZLEVs registered as mobile plant vehicles (such as electric forklifts or telehandlers) or heavy Special Purpose Vehicles are excluded from the charge.

Kilometres travelled interstate are not exempt from the ZLEV road-user charge.

No ZLEV registered operators will be granted concessions or exemptions, however there is one circumstance for which vehicle usage would be exempt:

  • Use on private roads – distances travelled by ZLEVs on private roads or agricultural lands

Examples of the documentation required to support an exemption claim include:

  • Proof of address for rural properties
  • Proof of employment (eg. agriculture)
  • Photographs of the relevant vehicle's odometer and other photographs to support an application for an exemption
  • Diarised entries in electronic or manual logbooks
  • Telemetric data with global position system capabilities
  • Inputs and outputs from in-vehicle tracking applications, including any applications developed by the Department of Transport and Planning

All evidence provided to support exemption claims must identify the ZLEV.

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