Automatic cancellation of registration

Your vehicle registration may be automatically cancelled by VicRoads.

Check your vehicle’s registration status

Your vehicle registration expires at midnight on the date shown on the registration certificate or label. After the registration expires, the vehicle must not be driven until the registration is renewed. Driving an unregistered vehicle incurs heavy penalties.

You still have 3 months after the registration has expired to renew your registration. If it has not been renewed within 3 months, the vehicle registration will automatically be cancelled.

The cancellation begins from the date VicRoads records it in our records.

If you want to register your vehicle after its registration has been cancelled, refer to our Registering your vehicle page.

If you have received a Notice of Suspension of Registration, VicRoads may cancel your registration if action requested in the suspension notice has not been taken within the period specified. For example if a Vehicle Defect Notice has not been complied within date specified for compliance.

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