Cancel registration & apply for a refund

Find out how to cancel your registration and apply for a refund.

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If you’ve been affected by the bushfires in one of the declared State of Disaster areas, VicRoads will provide assistance to help with your registration and licensing services.

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You might need to cancel your registration if:

  • You want to sell an unregistered vehicle
  • Your vehicle has been damaged or
  • You’ve registered your vehicle interstate

If you’re the owner of the vehicle, you can cancel your registration at any time and apply for a refund of the unused portion of the registration.

Before you apply, check that your address details are up to date. Go to Change of address for more. 

How do I apply for a refund?

Fill out a refund form [PDF 263 Kb] signed by the registered operator and provide documentation if required. (This might be a letter from your insurance company, an interstate receipt or a police report for stolen plates.)

Send your completed form, any additional documents as well as your number plates to:

GPO Box 1644, Melbourne
VIC 3001; or 

Visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre (you’ll need to bring some evidence of identity)

When does the registration get cancelled? 

The registration is cancelled from the date we receive your request or from the date of the accident (for a written off vehicle).

When and where will I get the refund?

We’ll send you a refund cheque to the address that’s on our records within four weeks.

How are refunds calculated?

Refunds are calculated on a pro-rata basis (an administration fee of $19 may apply). If your refund is less than the refund administration fee, you won’t need to pay anything to VicRoads. The pro-rata Transport Accident Commission (TAC) component of the refund is subject to a 10% fee.

What if my vehicle is written off? 

If your vehicle has been in an accident, your insurance company may claim this refund on your behalf and include it in your insurance payout. Follow up with your insurance company to confirm.

I want to keep my number plates

For general issue plates:

  • You’ll need to buy the rights to the plate by paying a fee to be able to use them again in the future 

For custom plates: 

I want to transfer my number plates

Go to Transfer number plates for more.

I’ve lost my number plates, what do I do?

You’ll need to provide us with a signed statement.

My number plates have been stolen, what do I do?

You’ll need to report it to your local police and provide us with a copy of the police report.

I’m registering my vehicle interstate 

If you’re registering your vehicle interstate, you should hand the plates to an interstate authority. They will provide you with a receipt for you to submit to VicRoads along with your refund request if you have any registered days left on your Victorian registration. 

I’m selling my vehicle to an interstate buyer

Visit the Interstate transfers page to find information on options for selling your vehicle interstate.


Yes, you can cancel a registration on behalf of someone else.

Complete the refund form [PDF 263 Kb] and send us a request by mail or at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre with:

What if the registered operator is an incorporated body? 

You can send us a request in writing on the company letterhead, that’s signed by an authorised person on behalf of the company. E.g director or fleet manager etc.

Need more help?

Call 13 11 71 and speak to one of our friendly staff who can help.

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