Oversize light vehicles

Oversize light oversize vehicles have a unique set of requirements on Victorian roads

What is classed as an oversize light vehicle? 

Oversize light vehicles, also known as Class O vehicles, include any car, truck, boat or vehicle combination that exceeds one or more of the below measurements:
  • 4.3 metres in height 
  • 2.5 metres in width 
  • 12.5 metres in length for a rigid vehicle
  • 19.0 metres in length for a combination.
Some of the more common Class O vehicles include:
  • boat trailers
  • trailers or trucks carrying agricultural implements (like conveyors and augers)
  • are towing an oversize trailer.

Oversize light vehicle conditions and requirements

The Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021 sets out the dimension limits and other requirements for Class 0 vehicles. In particular they may be up to 3.5 metres wide, 4.6 metres high and 25.0 metres long.

Class O vehicles can travel on all roads in Victoria except:
  • in the Mountainous Area and the Otway Area (if the vehicle is over 2.5 metres in width and/or 19 metres in length);
  • in the Gippsland Ranges Area and Colac–Surf Coast Area (if the vehicle is over 3 metres in width and/or 22 metres in length;
  • on Main Roads (if the vehicle is a Class O agricultural vehicle or agricultural combination); and
  • on restricted routes. 

For full details of Class O restrictions, including areas, routes and times, see Schedule 6 of Victoria's Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021 (External link) and Victoria’s Specification of Areas, Routes, and Times at which Certain Class O Vehicles may be Used (PDF).

Class O Overdimensional permit

If a Class O vehicle exceeds the dimension limits stated in Schedule 6 of  Victoria's Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021 (External link) or requires an exemption from a condition stated in the regulations then you’ll need a Light Vehicle Over Dimensional Permit.

To apply for this permit, download the following form, then upload the completed form and pay for your permit online.

Light Vehicle Over Dimensional Permit Application Form [PDF 67 Kb]

Rear overhang limits for trucks and cars

If you’re carrying a load on a truck or a car, there are overhang limits you’ll need to comply with. For overhang limits on common car and truck combinations, see Rear overhang limits for cars and trucks in Victoria [PDF 537 Kb].

If your rear overhang exceeds these limits you’ll need to use a more suitable vehicle for transportation (unless your load is exempt).

Field Bin exemptions

Oversize light field bins are able to operate in the Broad-Acre and Flat area of the state without the need for pilot vehicles. For a full list of conditions and restrictions, see Schedule 6 of Victoria's Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021 (External link) and Victoria's Specification of Areas in Which Class O Agricultural Vehicles May be Used (PDF). You can also view the Information Bulletin June 2017 [PDF 844 Kb].

Rear overhang exemptions 

Trailers transporting gliders and  water sport devices are exempt from standard rear overhang limits. For a full list of conditions and restrictions, see Schedule 6 of Victoria's Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021 (External link). You can also view the Information Bulletin June 2017 [PDF 858 Kb]

Portable traffic signal trailers

Portable traffic signs are generally used when a section of a road is closed for repair (like a single lane) and traffic signalling is needed to safely manage the traffic flow. These portable traffic signs have the capacity to be joined together as a two-trailer unit.

Apart from B-double trucks and road trains, vehicles aren’t allowed to tow more than one trailer without an exemption from VicRoads.  To get an exemption you’ll need a report from an approved Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) engineer.  

To find out more about these conditions and restrictions, see the Victorian Government’s Portable traffic Signal Trailer conditions. (External link) (PDF)


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