Uncollected vehicles

Businesses or individuals who want to dispose of an uncollected vehicle (for example, a mechanic whose customer has not returned to collect the vehicle) can apply to VicRoads to get details of the vehicle's registered operator.

Release of registered operator information for uncollected vehicles

The business or individual can then use this information to notify the registered operator that they intend to dispose of the vehicle if it remains uncollected, or to apply for a court order to dispose of the uncollected vehicle.

To apply for details of the vehicle’s registered operator, an Uncollected Vehicle Statutory Declaration form [PDF 151 Kb] must be completed. The declaration must be accompanied by:

  • a copy of intention to dispose of the motor vehicle, given or to be given to the owner, provider or any other person required to be notified under the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 (the “Act”)
  • if the vehicle value is $1,000 or greater, a copy of a Personal Property Securities Register (External link) certificate for this motor vehicle
  • if applicable, a copy of an application to a court for an order to dispose of the vehicle (as per section 68 of the Act.

A fee applies for an uncollected motor vehicle search. For information about uncollected vehicles, refer to the Consumer Affairs Victoria website (External link).

An uncollected vehicle is not an abandoned vehicle. Check who to contact for abandoned or illegally parked vehicles.

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