Bike riding support

If you are just starting out or returning to riding, it really helps to ride with friends or connect with other riders. This guide offers suggestions on how to connect with other riders, including through groups, programs and events.

It also lists resources to help you find: 

  • places to ride
  • bicycle skills trainers
  • organisations to connect with for more information and support. 

This is the final section in the Adult Bike Ed resources to help make riding safe and easy.  

Ride with others – for fun, skills and support

There are many ways to connect with other riders and to develop your riding skills. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Organise to ride with friends. It is more fun and a great way to share and learn riding know-how.

Image of a group of adult bike riders chatting to each other to the side of a shared path, with a view of the river and city.

  • Sign up for a bike skills course. This can really help you to build confidence and improve your riding skills (see the list of providers below).
  • Many local councils run bike riding programs, workshops and events. Check your council’s website to see what is happening in your area. 
  • Take part in local bike events. Look for rides that are a good distance for your level of fitness and experience. Or work up to a bigger event like the Bicycle Network’s Around the Bay. This event has a variety of riding distances to suit families through to strong, confident riders. 
  • Find out if your local area or workplace has a bicycle users group (BUG). These are volunteer groups that support others to ride in the local area or to a workplace.
  • If you have school-aged children, ride to school with them until they are ready to ride on their own. Our Riding with children section includes more advice on supporting kids to ride safely on their own. 
  • Encourage your children’s school to run Bike Ed and to take part in the Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program. This program helps schools support children to ride and walk to school. 

Organisations, training, services and resources

Use the listings in this table to find: 

  • people to ride with
  • places to ride
  • a bicycle skills training provider
  • other supports.  
Where to ride

Explore the following websites to find out about great places to ride: 

Public transport can extend your riding horizons. Find out more about bikes and public transport here:

Bicycle training skills

Here are some providers. You may find others in your local area, through your local council, VicRoads or other organisations. 

Bike organisations

These organisations have more resources for learning to ride, bike maintenance, events and support. 

  • Bicycle Network – member-based organisation, hosts events, services and support
  • AusCycling – member-based organisation for track, road, BMX, mountain bike riding and recreational riding
  • Ride Nation – information and resources for different riding interests and skill levels
  • Amy Gillett Foundation – bicycle safety organisation, hosts bike events
  • We Ride Australia – bicycle advocacy organisation.
Local clubs and user groups

Many local riding groups around Victoria have active websites or social media pages. Find out what is in your area by:

Maps, tools, services

Many services cover local areas. Here are a few tools and services that are available across metropolitan and some regional areas:  

Read more about maps and tools in our Where to ride section. 

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